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SessionAuthor TeamTitleCountry
0001 P1 Janfada*, Pishvaie, Borghei Mathematical simulation of freezing process in fisheries IR
0002 P1 Janfada* Evaluation of whipped cream rheology and effect of emulsifiers on product quality IR
0003 E5 Garrouch*, Guedouar, Al-Dousari A novel approach for analyzing the dispersion transport in radial coordinates KW
0004 P5 Cardona*, Gutiérrez, Matallana, López Amyl acetate production: comparison of two innovative integrated technologies CO
0005 P1 Hosseini* Biological methods for the removing of benzene emitted from automobile exhaust IR
0007 D3 Jalali Farahani*, Ahmadi Calculation of the phase equilibrium in mixtures with different stochastic methods and their evaluation IR
0009 P5 Amidpour*, Zienali, Zamen, Sofari Desalination through HD method with assisted renewal energy (Part I) IR
0010 P3 Tseng*, Jiang, Hsu Distribution of charged colloidal entities in a confined space TW
0011 P1 Tramšek*, Goršek Dynamic modeling of anaerobic wastewater digestion based on bench top reactor experiments SI
0012 P3 Hsu*, Kuo Electrophoresis of finite cylindrical particles in a cylindrical tube TW
0013 P5 Amidpour*, Shshideyan Hydrogen management in oil refinery. Through process integration IR
0014 P7 Akhundov, Bogatov* Industrial reactors mathematical modeling of processes of oxidizing dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons AZ
0017 P1 Kadlec*, Dostálová, Culková, Houška, Strohalm, Bubník High pressure microorganisms’ decontamination of germinated grain legume seeds CZ
0018 G2 Bogataj*, Goršek, Glavič Optimal design of an existing vacuum distillation system using computer simulation, column targeting and parametric optimization SI
0020 P3 Nazari-Pouya, Jalali Farahani* Phase equilibrium stability analysis using genetic algorithm IR
0021 C7 Spasic* Philosophical breakpoints related to micro-, nano-, and atto-engineering YU
0022 P3 Mafi, Yazdani, Farhadi, Deldari* Physical and hydraulic properties of a spring packing IR
0023 P1 Alavi Moghaddam*, Mokhtarani, Mokhtarani Solid waste management in Abadan and Khorramshahr cities (Iran) IR
0024 P1 Esmaeilzadeh*, Mowla, Asemani Steady-state modeling and simulation for PIG flow control in natural gas pipeline IR
0026 H4 Gutiérrez, Cardona*, Perdomo Technological improvements in reactive distillation processes using a sequential retrofit approach CO
0027 I1 Dorland, Mosto* The Engineering Clinics at Rowan University: A unique experience US
0028 C3 Rahimi*, Rahimi, Shahraki Three dimensional two-fluid CFD simulations of hydrodynamics, energy and mass transfer of sieve tray distillation columns IR
0030 P1 Alemzadeh*, Nazemi, Mohagheghi Treatment of olive mill wastewater by rotating biological contactor reactor IR
0031 P1 Javed*, Irfan, Gibbs Urea deNOx assessment under simulated power plant environment PK
0034 A5 Abdel-Hakim, El-Ardi, El-Zanati*, Fahmy Modeling and simulation of batch butanol fermentation EG
0035 C5 Abdel-Hakim, El-Masry, El-Ardi, El-Zanati*, Fahmy Modeling and simulation of butanol separation from fermentation broth using pervaporation EG
0038 P3 Addoun*, Khelifi Immersional enthalpy study of carbon materials chemically activated: specific surface area DZ
0039 P3 Addoun*, Bouchenafa-Saib Activation of lignocellulosic materials to produce active carbon as adsorbant in liquide phase DZ
0040 F7 Chemkhi*, Zagrouba, Bellagi Drying of clay: modelling of heat and mass transport and the rheological behaviour TN
0041 P5 Chemkhi*, Kerkeni New conception of an electrical auxiliary source for solar water heater: evaluation of the performances TN
0042 A5 Sohrabi*, Ahmadi Marvast Modelling of the residence time distribution and application of the two impinging streams cyclone reactors in solid-liquid enzyme reactions IR
0043 P5 Ibadzadeh*, Bogatov Applied software package of chemical heterogenic-catalytic processes computer modelling AZ
0044 P7 Mendoza Marín, Wolf Maciel, Lona Batista, Maciel Filho* Baffled tubular reactor for emulsion polymerisation of styrene for high performance operation BR
0045 G4 Baeyens*, Van de Velden, Everaert Carbon-sequestration as transition mechanism to meet Kyoto requirements: its application in lime and cement kilns BE
0046 J8 Ochuma*, Campos Reales, Wood, Winterbottom, Rowson, Greenwood Comparative study of the performance of modified zeolites and TiO2 in photocatalytic oxidation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol using a cocurrent downflow contactor reactor (CDCR) UK
0049 K2 Barta*, Pátkai Food products made of Jerusalem artichoke tubers as complementary elements of a healthy diet HU
0053 I6 Reinemuth*, Heinzmann Maximizing energy efficiency of glass lined agitated reactors DE
0054 H8 Fahimpour*, Mir Mohamad Sadeghi Modeling of slurry high density polyethylene (HDPE) polymerization process using Sako-Wu-Prausnitz equation of state IR
0055 D6 Van de Velden, Smolders, Baeyens* Modelling the transport disengaging height in fluidized beds for fine and coarse particles BE
0057 J5 Baeyens*, Schildermans Reviewing the growing potential of porous sintered metal filters BE
0058 P3 Hamidi, Nouri Khorasani*, Amin, Tabrizchi, Fatemi Separation of magnesium chloride from brine for industrial application in laboratory scale IR
0060 P3 Özçelik*, Güneş, Cabbar Sorption of Fe3+ and Cu2+ from aqueous solution using orange skins TR
0061 P7 Cabbar*, Şengel, Özçelik Surface and adsorptive properties of activated carbons from sunflower and hazelnut shells TR
0062 H8 Van de Velden, Baeyens*, Seville The assessment of the solids flow in the riser of a Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) through positron imaging BE
0064 E3 Trilleros*, Redondo, Diaz Thermal tracer versus laser doppler velocimetry: tools for measuring the liquid superficial velocities in the internal airlift loop reactors ES
0065 K5 Behzadi*, Ardjmand Mercury recovery from exhausted activated carbon IR
0066 P5 Forster Carneiro, Pérez García*, Romero García, De la Rubia Dry thermophilic anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste: a full scale experiment ES
0067 E5 Esmaeilzadeh*, Mowla, Asemani Modeling of pig operations in natural gas and liquid pipeline IR
0068 P7 Mohammadbeigy Kasvaei*, Binesh Studying of the effective parameters on hydrotreating catalysts regeneration IR
0070 F5 Repic*, Dakic, Mladenovic, Crnomarkovic Heat absorption distribution rates in energy boilers YU
0071 P3 Kananizadeh* Application of affinity chromatography in production of Lactoferrin (a glycoprotein) from whey IR
0072 P3 Golmohammad*, Sadeghi Fateh, Shahvelayati, Shokrollahzadeh, Shokouhi Benzene removal of AW-406 solvent using polar organic solvents and comparison of their efficiencies IR
0073 P3 Selatnia*, Haddoum, Junter, Djenet, Bakhiti, Chergui Biosorption of Cu, Zn and Cr ions from aqueous solution by a NaOH-treated Streptomyces rimosus biomass DZ
0074 A8 Mladenovic*, Repic, Jovanovic Calculation of work of chute lime-kiln furnace in the case of pulverized coal combustion YU
0075 P1 Everaert*, Appels, Dewil, Baeyens The fate and remedies to siloxanes in biosolids and biogas BE
0076 J6 Alavi Moghaddam*, Maknoun, Tahershamsi Environmental engineering education in Iran: needs, problems and solutions IR
0077 E6 Karimipour, Mostoufi*, Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Hamdi-Gamchi Modeling of the downer of a circulating fluidized bed IR
0078 P1 Chen, Lee, Ho, Sung, Hu* Combination of baculovirus-mediated gene transfer and rotating-shaft bioreactor for cartilage tissue engineering TW
0079 P7 Nakhaei Pour*, Zamani, Jafari Jozani Effects of La, Mg and K promoters on the catalytic behavior and coke deposition of iron-zeolite based Fischer - Tropsch synthesis catalysts IR
0081 I2 Jensen* 25 years of risk assessment teaching at DTU DK
0082 P3 Hosseini Jenab*, Vahidi, Mehrabi, Seyed Matin A comparison of solubility of carbon dioxide in aqueous single, blend and activated amines IR
0083 A4 Gorji, Kazemeini*, Bozorgmehri An experimental kinetic optimization of NDMA hydrogenation to UDMH and DMA on a Pd/C catalyst IR
0087 P3 Rahimi, Rahimi* Efficiencies of sieve tray distillation columns by CFD simulation IR
0088 F2 Mandin*, Roustan, Hamburger, Wüthrich, Picard Electrochemical process modelling: water electrolysis for hydrogen production FR
0089 J6 Venselaar*, Hageman Focussing innovation strategy for sustainability in chemical industry NL
0091 C1 Schultes*, Chambers How to surpass conventional and high capacity structured packings with Raschig Super-Pak DE
0093 J8 Bocchi, Calvo, Casagrande, Chalup, Gonzalez Eiras, Olmedo, Segura, Fidalgo* Iron oxide ceramic membranes for filtration, adsorption and degradation of contaminants in water treatment AR
0095 G7 Shethna, Jeżowski* Minimum number of heat exchangers for relaxed outlet temperatures of streams PL
0096 H4 Ciornei*, Bumbac, Plesu, Lavric Modelling and simulation of a fed-batch reactive rectifier RO
0097 A8 Miranda*, Pinto, Gulyurtlu, Cabrita, Nogueira, Matos Pyrolysis of tyres and plastics wastes improvement–response surface methodology optimization PT
0098 P3 Agoudjil*, Kermadi, Larbot Sol-gel synthesis of porous ceramic membrane and characterisation DZ
0099 D4 Vahidi*, Shahri, Khakdaman, Abdollah Nezhad, Goharrokhi, Hosseini Jenab, Seyed Matin Solubility of H2S in aqueous solutions of DIPA, MDEA, DEA and MEA by modified Kent-Eisenberg (M-KE) model IR
0100 K1 Landfeld, Nesvadba*, Kýhos, Novotná, Průchová, Houška Sorption and thermal properties of dried egg whites CZ
0102 P5 Mandin*, Fabian, Lincot Teaching electrochemical processes modelling and numerical simulation: electrodeposition process example FR
0103 P3 Tang* The effect of the acid precipitate conditions on the size distribituion of molybdenum trioxide particle CN
0105 P3 Küçük, Kocakerim* The optimization of filterableness of suspensions obtained by dissolving ulexite in SO2-saturated water TR
0106 D4 Esmaeilzadeh, Fathikaljahi*, Ghanaei Thermodynamic modeling of wax precipitation in n-alkanes mixtures IR
0107 P1 Ignatyuk* Formation of the professional competence of engineering education UA
0108 P1 Abdellatif, Berka, Hassani* Composition of the essential oil of Melissa Officinalis L cultivated in Algeria DZ
0109 G3 Geldermann*, Treitz, Schollenberger, Rentz Multi Objective Pinch Analysis (MOPA) for production networks DE
0110 E2 Irani*, Bozorgmehri 2D and 3D simulation of bubble column reactor using CFD mthods IR
0111 A6 Baricot*, Fortuny, Fabregat, Stüber, Bengoa, Font Exploring the effect of heat treatment on the catalytic activity of activated carbon for wet air oxidation of phenol ES
0112 P1 Kadlec*, Dostálová, Culková, Skulinová Degradation of alpha-galactosides during germination of grain legume seeds CZ
0114 P3 Ko, Lin, Li* Measurements of ternary diffusion coefficients of aqueous blended alkanolamine systems: monoethanolamine + N-methyldiethanolamine +water TW
0115 K6 Gerrard*, Halecký, Páca Simple model for the biofiltration of the aliphatic and aromatic fractions of gasoline UK
0117 P1 Viesturs*, Priede, Berzinš Effect of oscillations created by pulsing mixing in bioreactors LV
0118 P1 Gordeev*, Glebov, Orlov Investigation of water with methanol impurity purification by pervaporation method RU
0119 C1 Sohbi, Edreder* An experimental study to measure the effect of some parameters on the oxygen mass transfer coefficient in the bubble column LY
0120 F6 Kröger*, Burger Experimental convection heat transfer coefficient between a horizontal surface and the natural environment ZA
0121 P5 Cherenkov*, Koltsova Chaos control in the process of crystallization RU
0122 H6 Claassen, de Vrije, Grabarczyk*, Urbaniec Development of fermentation based process for biomass conversion to hydrogen gas PL
0123 G2 Liu, Ying*, Benziger, Nie, Liu, Fang Dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas over bifunctional hybrid catalyst and the intrinsic kinetics CN
0124 E6 Hassimi, Mostoufi*, Sotudeh-Gharebagh Dynamic modeling of gas-phase ethylene polymerization reactor IR
0125 P7 Chen*, Chang Effect of Mn promoter on Au/CeO2 for CO oxidation in H2 stream TW
0126 P7 Karimi*, Nakhaei Pour, Tavasoli, Sadaghiani Effects of reduction gas on Co-support compound formation, activity and selectivity in Co-Ru/Al2O3 catalyst IR
0127 P7 Belhamel*, Baouz, Benamor, Ludwig Electroplating and characterization of nickel fine grain growth by scanning electron microscopy DZ
0128 I4 Karimi*, Nakhaei Pour, Tavasoli, Sadaghiani Enhancement of FTS activity and selectivity by introducing CO during catalyst reduction IR
0129 I4 Kukulka*, Devgun Evaluation of the effect of ambient fluid temperature and velocity on the fouling of process surfaces US
0130 I4 Pancharoen*, Ramakul, Pattaweekongka, Hronec Feasibility study on the separation of uranium and thorium by hollow fiber supported liquid membrane and mass transfer modeling TH
0131 K6 Kennes*, Veiga Fungal catalysts in bioreactors for air pollution control ES
0132 P1 Krajnc* Incorporating e-learning into educational process SI
0133 C2 Ivanova*, Qi, Kamath, Aghalayam, Mahajani, Sundmacher Influence of the reaction kinetics on the design of a reactive distillation column for isobutene dimerisation DE
0134 P7 Petraev, Rakov, Jensa*, Koltsova Information systems in the field of nanoglandular substance form RU
0135 A5 Zokaee Ashtiani*, Hashemi Kinetics of lactose isomerization to lactulose in the presence of sodium hydroxide at constant pH IR
0136 P1 Jensa*, Kostutchenko, Petropavlovskiy, Koltsova Mathematical simulation of pastes flow in ram extruder for catalysts production RU
0137 P3 Krechetova*, Kagan, Shpilrain Metal fluids thermodynamic properties measurement by a new variant of the effusion method RU
0138 P3 Gherbi* Mixed systems of nonionic surfactants, X-ray diffusion study DZ
0139 P7 Rakhshan, Nouri Khorasani*, Nematbakhsh Modeling of controlled drug release systemwith chemical reaction and erodable polymer matrix IR
0140 P5 Bartoszewicz* Numerical analysis of fluid flow in heat exchanger with non-standard inlet sections PL
0141 P7 Joo*, Kim, Jung, Jeon, Shin Oxidative decomposition of 1,2-dichlorobenzene over V2O5/TiO2 catalysts KR
0142 H2 Vasanthi*, Aziz, Aroua Recovery and reutilisation of copper from metal hydroxide sludges MY
0145 P7 Grigoriev*, Drozdova, Lyutikova, Fateev Research and development of non-platinum electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells RU
0146 E2 Koudil*, Amet Resolution of a population balance equation in a bubble column using CFD FR
0147 P1 Bensmaili, Boukabrine* Study of the longitudinal position influence on solid-liquid mass transfer in a torus reactor DZ
0148 P5 Shahvelayati*, Hosseini, Ghazvini Synthesis and characterization of polyindole based liquid crystalline containing mesogenic group at 3-position of indole ring IR
0149 A4 Haubrock*, Hogendoorn, Versteeg The applicability of activities in kinetic expressions: a more fundamental approach to represent the kinetics of the system CO2-OH--salt in terms of activities NL
0150 P3 Atashjameh*, Rahimi, Bahmannia The benefits of filtration system on upsets in amine sweetening & dehydration plant IR
0151 A4 Wang*, Yang, Zhao The discussion on the relationship between nucleation condition and polymorphism-particle size in reaction-precipitation of AOM CN
0152 P1 Bartoszewicz*, Bogusławski The characteristic of air flow inside cylindrical vessel PL
0153 P1 Şahin, Akkurt*, Alicilar The investigation of use of 1,4-disubstitue anthraquinone compounds as liquid crystal dye TR
0154 P1 Ben Mansour*, Kolsi, Elleuch, Kapustin, Kolesnikov The study of the oxygen transfer in an electroflotation cell TN
0155 P5 Kocaefe*, Younsi, Poncsak, Kocaefe Thermal treatment of wood at high temperatures CA
0156 J6 Pretorius, Kröger* Thermo-economic optimization of a solar chimney power plant ZA
0157 J6 Ubaldini, Fornari, Abbruzzese*, Veglio Valorisation of residue organic substances by electrochemical applications IT
0158 P3 Kato*, Kodama, Haneda, Seki Vapor-liquid-liquid phase separation for ethylene+methanol at high pressure JP
0161 P1 Simon*, Csermely, Ivanov Web-based physical property data system for distance education HU
0162 P7 Nakhaei Pour*, Zamani, Jafari Jozani, Yeganeh Mehr Acidity deterioration and coke deposition in a iron- zeolite catalyst in Fischer – Tropsch synthesis IR
0163 H4 Harmsen* Industrial reactive distillation, a review of applications, research, development, design and operation NL
0164 P7 Zamani*, Nakhaei Pour, Jafari Jozani, Yeganeh Mehr Investigation of recycling the effluent gas products on catalyst activity and products selectivity over Fe-ZSM5 catalyst in Fischer – Tropsch process IR
0165 F2 Torrecilla*, Otero, Guignon, Sanz, Ramos Modelling of high-pressure treatments of foods by an Artificial Neural Network ES
0166 P3 Carrin, Buglione, Lozano* Removal of dark compounds from fruit juices by membrane separation AR
0167 H7 Dewil, Everaert*, Baeyens The European plastic waste issue: trends and toppers in its sustainable reapplication BE
0168 C1 Derks*, Hogendoorn, Versteeg Absorption of carbon dioxide into aqueous solutions of MDEA and piperazine NL
0169 D6 Kulikov*, Briesen, Marquardt Adaptive compartment selection for the coupled simulation of population balance and fluid dynamics DE
0171 K7 Pácová*, Kuchynková, Martínek, Astl The expression of different cytokines and hormone receptors in relation to nasal polyposis CZ
0172 A2 Erena*, Aguayo, Arandes, Sierra, Bilbao Development of new catalysts for methanol synthesis at low temperature ES
0173 P3 Pavlovic*, Terzic, Jevtic Synthesis of sepiolite based cordierite and its properties YU
0174 P5 Zoubiri, Benkahla* Estimate of effectiveness of a rectangular annular fin obtained by numerical and analytical way DZ
0175 P3 Waldberg, Safonov* Efficiency of inertial precipitation of aerosol suspension particles in mechanical dust and mist extractors RU
0176 H8 Schutte* Integration of small-scale desalination processes with renewable energy as energy source ZA
0177 P3 Valdberg, Kaznacheyeva* Investigation of filtering characteristics of ceramic materials RU
0178 P1 Sarbak*, Kramer-Wachowiak Physicochemical characterization and application of wasted fly ashes PL
0179 A3 Dashtaky*, Mir Mohamad Sadeghi, Haddady Asl Prediction of physicochemical properties of HDPE in a fluidized bed reactor through modeling IR
0180 F2 Torrecilla*, Aragón, Palancar Artificial neural network for modelling the drying of high moisture solid ES
0181 P1 Razavi Arani*, Yaghmaei, Hamedi Effects of carbon sources in production of PHB(poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid) by Ralstonia eutropha IR
0182 P7 Charkhi, Kazemeini* Investigating effects of different preparation parameters on precipitating-aging step toward determining an optimum Ni-hydrogenation catalyst with different promoters IR
0183 H4 Sorin*, Rheault, Hammache On the purity, energy efficiency and productivity of hybrid separation processes CA
0184 K4 Abdolhamidzadeh, Hashemi, Rashtchian* Problems and challenges for implementation of safety and HSE management rules in aged iranian refineries and petrochemical complexes IR
0185 I7 Svátek*, Martinec Steam savings in separation unit with extractor and solvent recovery column CZ
0186 P5 Emtir*, Showesh Effect of feed composition on economic and controllability analysis of conventional and divided-wall column LY
0187 C1 Gruber*, Siebenhofer, Marr Absorption of NOx from dilute off gas in reactive absorbents AT
0189 P7 Tavasoli*, Khodadadi, Mortazavi, Karimi, Galbi Ahangary Increasing liquid C5+ selectivity in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis by using two different cobalt catalysts in a dual-bed reactor IR
0190 I2 Reniers*, Pauwels, Soudan Teaching safety management to commercial engineers: investing in the future BE
0191 P7 Bizani, Fytianos*, Poulios Semiconductor-assisted photodegradation of a carbamate pesticide in aqueous solutions uv/vis irradiation GR
0192 P5 Arrieche*, Sartori Drying of deformable simulating systems: mathematical modeling including the change in the original geometry BR
0193 P5 Ekpo*, Mujtaba Evaluation of neural networks-based controllers for batch polymerisation UK
0194 F3 Ekpo*, Mujtaba Performance analysis of different controllers for the free radical batch polymerisation of styrene UK
0195 P5 Svatkova*, Sharif, Sigaev, Koltsova Simulation of structure sodium germanate glasses by molecular dynamics RU
0197 E4 Herrero*, Martin Del Valle, Galán Development and modelling of a new microencapsulation technology based in air-blast atomization ES
0198 F5 Geddert*, Bialuch, Augustin, Scholl Tailored surfaces for the mitigation of fouling in heat exchanger DE
0199 P5 Skichko*, Koltsova, Zakharova Analysis of biomass oscillations in a chemostate cultures by means of mathematical and thermodynamic methods RU
0200 E1 Martín*, García, Montes, Galán Coalescence in bubble columns: Hydrodynamics and mass transfer ES
0201 B6 Xin, Dian*, Jingen Comparative study on the microstructure between RuO270SnO230 and RuO230SnO270 coatings on titanium CN
0202 P7 Trilleros*, Pérez, Hierro, Sanchez, Bolívar Deposition kinetic of aluminium on ferritic steels by CVD-FBR process ES
0204 P1 Furuta*, Buche, Takeuchi, Ohgawara, Yoshii Effects of fortifying protein on conservation of ADH enzyme activity encapsulated in trehalose matrices by spray drying JP
0205 G2 Kataoka*, Noda, Kaneda, Mukaida, Horiuchi, Nakaiwa Energy-saving heat integrated distillation system of C-5 (pentane) splitter JP
0206 P7 Kolesnikov* Forecasting of optimal composition of aMe2O3•bMeO3 catalysts RU
0207 F6 Jardini*, Rezende, Andrade, Maciel Filho Heat transfer and curing simulation using the finite element method in infrared stereolithography BR
0209 E1 Diaz-Martin*, Montes, Galán Hydrodynamic study of the unsteady flow patterns in a symmetrically aerated 2D bubble column ES
0210 P1 Strugatskaya*, Koltsova Mathematical modeling, optimization and development of flexible technologies of phosphorus sludge processing RU
0211 P5 Nenaglyadkin, Rakov, Jensa*, Koltsova Mathematical simulation of carbon nanofibers obtaining from methane by CVD process RU
0212 P5 Aganina*, Koltsova Modeling of the crystallization processes of the slightly soluble substances (on example of the dibasic lead phosphite crystallization 2PbO*PbHPO3*0.5H2O) RU
0213 P3 Robau-Sanchez*, Cordero-De la Rosa, Aguilar-Pliego, Aguilar-Elguezabal On the reaction mechanism of the chemical activation of Quercus Agrifolia char by alkaline hydroxides MX
0215 P7 Kolesnikov*, Kolesnikov, Kilianov, Vinogradov, Vinokurov The modeling of an industrial catalytic cracking RU
0216 E5 Gorin* Transport phenomena in turbulent separated and reattached flows MY
0217 H1 Yu*, Liao, Cai, Quian Waste plastic disposal by using tradtional coking process - Study on the new technology of formed coal with waste plastics CN
0218 G4 Cumo, Guidi*, Francione, Ortore A methodological proposal for monitoring atmospheric pollutants by means of satellites IT
0219 P1 Esmaeilzadeh*, Izady, Moazzen J. A new experimental correlation using a curved-shaped capacitance sensor to predict liquid hold-up in vertical gas-condensate pipelines IR
0220 K3 Park*, Jo, Lee, Kim A semi-quantitative approach to analysis on LPG filling station fire using layer of protection analysis KR
0221 P3 Tang*, Wang, Sha, Sun A technology for preparing narrow pore size distribution membrane CN
0222 C5 Palatý*, Žáková A treatment of mass transfer data in a continuous dialyzer at unsteady state CZ
0223 P1 Gorzka*, Zaborowski, Szynkowska, Żarczyński, Kaźmierczak Activity comparison of selected catalysts used in the reaction of propylene chlorohydrin oxidation PL
0224 K7 Páca*, Kostečková, Halecký, Páca Jr, Stiborová, Soccol, Kozliak Aerobic biodegradation of mononitrophenols in packed bed reactor CZ
0225 P3 Mohellebi*, Chitour Analysis and used oil regeneration DZ
0226 P1 Lerlertwanich*, Melin Application and modification of heat transfer analysis to optimize operating parameters of a cooling system for a new designed preparative continuous-flow electrophoresis DE
0227 J6 Wright*, Sen Gupta, Magee Application of titanium nanoparticles in the photocatalytic decontamination of soil UK
0230 K7 Kozliak*, Popova, Beklemishev, Baglayeva, Seames, Nelson, Phutane, Jalan, Frihart, Páca Contamination of common building materials (wood and concrete) with chemicals and novel approaches to their remediation US
0231 P5 Soares, Zanin*, Firmani, Moraes, Castro Cholesterol removal by inclusion in beta-cyclodextrin BR
0232 G1 Panjeshahi*, Tahouni Pressure drop optimisation in debottlenecking of heat exchanger networks IR
0233 P5 Zhygir, Statyukha*, Kolomiets Design of dynamics in polymer electrolytes UA
0234 P7 Joo*, Yun, Jung Dimethyl ether synthesis from coal gasified synthesis gas KR
0235 F7 Arendsen*, van Berkel, Heesink, Versteeg Dynamic modelling of thermal processes with phase transitions using density and enthalpy as state variables NL
0236 A1 Galbi Ahangary*, Tavasoli, Sadaghiani, Karimi, Mohammadi Effects of Ru and Re promoters on performance, deactivation and activity recovery of Co/Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts IR
0237 G3 Zhelev*, Layden, Pembroke, John Energy efficiency improvement of wastewater treatment processes subjected to load fluctuations IE
0239 P3 Bogatu*, Vilcu, Duta, Straver, De Loos High-pressure phase behaviour of the system consisting of R-23 and isobutylbenzene RO
0240 I1 Rincon*, Requena, Perez, Guerra Holistic proposal for the teaching-learning experience of chemical process synthesis VE
0242 P1 Diakun*, Michalska-Pożoga Influence of the process of homogenization in a disk zone of an extruder on the crystalline structure of polymer material PL
0243 F5 Weise*, Scholl Influence of the viscosity on the fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer in a falling film evaporator DE
0244 P5 Abbasi, Niakousari*, Erjaee Kinetics of ascorbic acid degradation in lemon juice and concentrate during various storage conditions IR
0245 E5 Vakhguelt* Mathematical model of finite amplitude wave propagation in chemically active aerocolloids MY
0246 P1 Ataie*, Dabir, Dadvar, Nasernejad Mathematical modeling of microbial enhanced oil recovery IR
0247 P5 Shaimardanov*, Kozlov, Jensa, Koltsova Mathematical modeling of the hydrodynamic processes in highly porous materials RU
0248 P5 Mihoubi*, Bellagi Modelling and simulation of thermo-hydro-mechanical problem TN
0249 A7 Pohorecki*, Moniuk, Bałdyga, Wierzchowski Modelling of the kinetics of cyclohexane oxidation PL
0251 F5 Askarova*, Lavrishcheva, Ryspayeva Numerical investigation of influence of coal particles sizes on thr process of turbulent combustion in the furnace chambers KZ
0252 F5 Askarova, Lavrishcheva*, Ryspaeva Numerical modeling of nitric oxides formation at various excess air coefficients in the furnace chamber KZ
0253 P1 Żarczyński*, Gorzka, Kaźmierczak, Szczepaniak, Stufka-Olczyk Oxidation of tetrachloromethane and 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethane with the application of palladium catalysts PL
0254 P3 Koshevoy*, Chundyshko, Rudich, Latin Perfection of plants for extraction vegetative raw material by means of carbon dioxide RU
0255 P7 Joo*, Jung, Suh, Jung Performance of CAMERE (CAtalytic MEthanol synthesis via REverse water gas shift reaction) pilot plant KR
0256 K6 Genon* Perspectives for Torino wastewater sludges final destination IT
0258 P1 Kolbasov*, Vorobets, Kolbasova, Linyucheva Photoelectrocatalytic processes on nanocrystalline TiO2 modified by Pt nanoparticles UA
0259 P3 Kolbasov*, Vorobets, Kolbasova, Linyucheva Photoelectrocatalytic systems based on nanosized particles of ZnO and TiO2-ZrO2 UA
0260 K3 Abdolhamidzadeh*, Hashemi, Rashtchian Quantitative risk assessment for accidental release of ethylene oxide from purification column of an ethylene oxide production plant IR
0261 C7 Gurkan*, Acan, Karabulut, Marti Recovery of lactic acid from fermentation media by reactive extraction and stripping TR
0262 P1 Honda*, Keii Research productivity in science JP
0264 P3 Soottitantawat*, Elad-Ua, Yamamoto, Endo, Ohmori, Nakaiwa Synthesis of ultra-fine carbon cryogel microspheres with desired porous characteristics TH
0265 F2 Soni, Mitkowski*, Abildskov, Jonsson, Gani Systematic model-based synthesis design and analysis of hybrid processes DK
0266 P1 Hiluy Filho*, Carvalho, Vieira, Mendes The pilot plant process of troxerutin production BR
0267 P3 Koshevoy*, Mikhnevich, Chundyshko The solid-liquid extractor with step-type material movement RU
0268 P5 Statyukha*, Beznosyk, Bugaeva, Jeżowski The synthesis of mass exchanged network for gas purification UA
0270 P1 Agha Mohseni*, Mehraniyan, Vahabzadeh Use of fungal degradation process in olive pomace delignification IR
0271 P1 Zouev*, Gergel Vertical type cut tobacco storage - feeder device design development RU
0272 A1 Irani*, Soltanieh, Rashidzadeh Washcoating and testing of monolithic catalytic converters for automobiles IR
0273 P1 Koseoglu*, Keskinler, Erhan A new immobilization matrice for biological oxidation of ferrous iron in packed bed bioreactor TR
0274 P1 Laari*, Turunen, Sha A study of flow hydrodynamics in bubble column using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) FI
0275 P1 Makeev*, Zelenko, Heifets Adsorption-driven convective instability in down-flow adsorbent beds RU
0276 A2 Aghaziarati, Kazemeini*, Soltanieh, Sahebdelfar An optimum catalyst for dehydration of 1, 4-butanediol in production of tetrahydrofuran IR
0277 P3 Kokunov*, Gorbunova Coordination polymer microporous compounds of silver salts with bipyridines RU
0278 P3 Koralewska*, Matynia, Piotrowski, Wierzbowska Crystallization of barium sulphate in a continuous DTM type crystallizer with a jet–pump of descending suspension flow in a mixing chamber PL
0279 G3 Panjeshahi, Latifi*, Tahouni Debottlenecking of heat exchanger networks, already designed by Pinch Design Method IR
0282 K6 Halecký*, Páca Jr, Stiborová, Soccol, Gerrard, Páca Gasoline vapor removal along the bed height in perlite biofilter CZ
0283 F3 Lazarević* Iterative learning control for fractional linear time delay system: PIbetaDalpha type YU
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0294 P3 Abdolhosseini*, Haghighiasl, Safdari Studying of flooding in a pulsed packed column IR
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0300 I1 Molzahn* New curricula for new careers – the EFCE Bologna recommendations DE
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0303 P5 Abasheva*, Chan, Koltsova Cellular automata for simulation of producing process of Fe – nanothreads RU
0304 P5 Chulok*, Chulok, Gordeev Computer-aided methods for process synthesis and design biocides in metalworking fluids production RU
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0306 I1 Knoetze* Chemical engineering education in a developing country: A South African perspective ZA
0307 P5 Vasilenko*, Koltsova Elaboration of the intellectual system on the processes of crystallization RU
0308 G5 Mishina*, Menshutina, Mesheryakova, Leuenberger E-learning in the area of chemical and pharmaceutical education RU
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0312 E7 Kordač*, Linek Mechanism of enhanced gas absorption in presence of fine solid particles CZ
0313 E3 Hernandez*, Juliá, Chiva, Paranjape, Ishii Optimization of an Artificial Neural Network model for two-phase flow regime identification based on conductivity probe signals ES
0314 P7 Salmones*, Zeifert, Hesiquio, Contreras Ni-Mg-Al hydrotalcite-type anionic clay catalyst for the oxidation of benzyl alcohol MX
0316 P3 Marti*, Gurkan Recovery of pyruvic acid from biotechnological production medium by reactive extraction TR
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0323 G7 Pieve* A model for the optimised thermal-fluid dynamic sizing of heat exchangers IT
0324 I3 Amiri, Niakousari*, Amin Lari Assessment of stability of vitamin C in un-pasteurized Iranian sour orange juice (Citrus aurantium, L.) during various storage conditions IR
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0326 H6 Vijai*, Aziz, Zalina Clean development mechanism: the potential of oil palm biomass as renewable energy in Malaysia MY
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0329 P3 Okisheva*, Ryabuhova Description of adsorption equilibriums in micropores by Ono-Kondo equation RU
0330 P1 Bashiri* Design and operate flares safely IR
0331 K8 Fregolente*, Batistella, Maciel Enrichment of gamma-linolenic acid from borage oil via lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis and molecular distillation BR
0332 P7 Perez-Galvez, Guadix, Guadix* Evaluation of the enzymatic hydrolysis of blood protein using response surface methodology ES
0333 J3 Kirschneck* Experiences of microstructured devices on pilot and production scale level AT
0334 P1 Ito, Yamashita* Gas holdup in bubble columns JP
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0337 P5 Volkov-Husovic*, Jancic, Pavlovic, Martinovic, Terzic Heat transfer conditions and ultrasonic measurements of alumina based refractories YU
0338 B6 Ahmadpour*, Shahsavand Application of neural networks for characterization of nano-porous materials IR
0339 P5 Gervits*, Koltsova Modeling direct methanol fuel cell performance RU
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0345 C7 Kristiawan*, Sobolik, Allaf Application of instantaneous auto-vaporization process for essential oil extraction: case of Indonesian Ylang-Ylang flowers FR
0346 G7 Pistikopoulos* Parametric programming & control UK
0347 P3 Gómez-Díaz*, Navaza, Sanjurjo, Vázquez-Orgeira Effect of chain length upon physical properties of aqueous solutions of surfactants ES
0348 P7 Chang*, Liao, Roselin, Yang Partial oxidation of methanol over Au/Fe2O3-Al2O3 catalysts prepared by deposition-precipitation TW
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0350 P1 Marton*, Herseczki, Marton, Vigh Preparation of green anion exchangers with low lignin content from agricultural wastes for the decolourisation of sugar processing solutions HU
0352 D6 Kirschneck*, Tekautz, Linhart Production scale use of microstructured devices in solids technology AT
0353 G7 Bashiri* Properly design multi-stream plate-fin heat exchangers IR
0354 P1 Masa, Alvarez, Beltran, Rivas, Pocostales, Garcia-Araya* Removal of phenolic compounds from food-processing wastewater by adsorption onto granular activated carbon ES
0356 P1 Abu-Jdayil*, Banat, Al-Sameraiy Rheological characterization of sewage sludges at different steps of treatment BH
0357 P1 Gómez-Díaz*, Navaza, Quintáns-Riveiro Rheology of hydrocolloids blends (carboxymethyl cellulose + kappa-carrageenan + water) ES
0358 I8 He*, Hui Self-learning approaches based on genetic algorithm for single-stage multi-product scheduling with compound objective CN
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0360 P1 Inoue, Yamashita* Simulation of liquid flow in a square bubble column by CFD JP
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0363 P1 Wawrzacz*, Hupka Surface phenomena involved in washing of oil-contaminated soil PL
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0369 P5 Bashiri* Thermodynamically optimized distillation columns IR
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0375 P3 Oreški* A computer tool for quick estimations of second and third virial coefficients of gas mixtures from basic properties of components SI
0376 P5 Atashjameh*, Rahimi, Zakery, Safary An upset on lean/rich amine heat exchanger from high anti-foam injection to amine solution IR
0377 H3 Tiemersma*, van Sint Annaland, Kuipers Combining oxidative coupling and reforming of methane on a dual function catalyst for the simultaneous production of ethylene and synthesis gas NL
0378 G8 Ajah*, Grievink, Herder, Mesbah, Falcao, Wennekes Comparative simulation-based analysis and evaluation of chemical and mechanical heat pumps robustness for low temparature heat source upgrading NL
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0381 P1 Kusmierek*, Chrzescijanska Electrochemical treatment of reactive dyes - helaktyn blue F2R PL
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0388 B6 Noor*, Sun, Akay Determination of water-polymer interactions in micro-porous polymers by low resolution NMR spin-spin relaxation time measurements UK
0391 P7 Khettab* Influence of catalysts in the streamcracing process DZ
0392 J4 Akay, Calkan*, Dogru Intensification of gas liquid separations and its application to moisture/tar removal from syngas UK
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0394 H5 Araszkiewicz*, Koziol, Lupinska, Lupinski IR technique in the investigation of the microwave assisted drying process PL
0395 A7 Abusalehi, Khorasheh* Kinetic modeling of demetalization reactions from heavy petroleum fractions IR
0396 P1 Chrzescijanska*, Kusmierek Kinetic parameters of helaktyn blue F2R electrooxidation at a platinum electrode PL
0397 P5 Suleymanov*, Koltsova Mathematical modeling of processes for phosphorous-containing compounds synthesis and information technologies RU
0399 P1 Flizikowski, Mroziński, Dziadosz* Modeling of multi discs grain grinders constructions PL
0401 B6 Gutiérrez*, Martin Del Valle, Galán pH effect on diffusion in IMAC chromatography: theoretical model ES
0402 J3 Calkan, Mohamed*, Akay Preparation of catalyst systems with enhanced accessibility of active sites for process intensification UK
0403 P7 Kaluža, Gulková, Zdražil* Preparation of eggshell MoO3/Al2O3 catalysts by solvent assisted spreading of MoO3 over Al2O3 extrudates: effect of MoO3 particle size and temperature on rate of spreading CZ
0404 P7 Kaluža*, Zdražil Promotion of MoO3/Al2O3 hydrodesulfurization catalysts by Co deposited by slurry impregnation CZ
0405 H8 Aldaco, Garea, Fernández*, Irabien Raw materials recovery in the fluorine industry by crystallization in a fluidized bed reactor (FBR) ES
0406 P5 Steffens, Pozza*, Coury Removal efficiency of nanoparticles with the use of cellulose and polyester filters BR
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0408 A7 Mitsios*, Guillaume, Galtier, Schweich Single-event microkinetic model for long chain paraffin hydrocracking and hydroisomerization on an amorphous Pt/SiO2.Al2O3 catalyst FR
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0419 I6 Ferrer-Nadal*, Méndez, Graells, Puigjaner, Raffaele A new strategy for exploiting recipe flexibility in batch processes with decaying performance ES
0420 H2 Gougol* A robust method to obtain optimal water consumption and wastewater minimization of cooling towers in refineries and process plants IR
0421 A8 Castano*, Gutiérrez, Arandes, Bilbao Acidity effect of Pt/HZSM-5 zeolite on direct hydroconversion of toluene for steam cracker feedstock production ES
0422 H2 Teles*, Castro, Barbosa-Póvoa, Novais LP-based heuristic procedure for the optimal design of water using networks with multi-contaminants PT
0423 P5 Melo, Vasco de Toledo, Mariano, Santos, Maciel Filho* Alternative two-layer optimization approach of a three phase catalytic slurry reactor by evolutionary optimization with genetic algorithms BR
0424 P5 Statyukha*, Kvitka, Dzhygyrey, Jeżowski An approach to design optimal wastewater treatment network with mathematical models of processes UA
0425 H2 Foo* Water cascade analysis technique for targeting minimum water flowrates in threshold problems MY
0426 P1 Silva, Knoechelmann, Abreu* A trickle-bed reactor modelling for catalyst hydrogenation with partially wetted catalyst particle BR
0427 E7 Karcz*, Kiełbus-Rapała An effect of solids on the volumetric gas – liquid mass – transfer coefficient in mechanically agitated gas – solid – liquid system PL
0428 P5 Koroishi, Boss, Maciel Filho* Analysis of freeze drying and microwave vacuum drying processes for retinol concentration BR
0429 D5 Nortier, Bloch, Roux* A model for comminution in paper pulp beating FR
0430 P1 Krysiak, Iciek*, Majda, Nebesny An effect of roasting conditions on the content of volatile compounds in cocoa beans PL
0431 J8 Carvalho, Correia*, Fernandes, Freitas, Sampaio An integrated process for the removal of phenol and formaldehyde from phenolic resin plant wastewater involving liquid-liquid extraction and polymerization PT
0432 P1 Lakota* Analysis of gas holdup in a cocurrent upflow bubble column operating with viscous pseudoplastic liquid SI
0434 P7 Dizge*, Canli, Keskinler, Tanriseven Biodiesel production by Thermomyces lanuginosus and Rhizomucor miehei immobilised in hydrophilic polyurethane foam TR
0435 I7 Sivashanmugam*, Jayaraman Bioprocess optimisation of 3 extra cellular tannase production using Klebsiella pneumonae using response surface methodology IN
0436 E2 Kazakis*, Mouza, Paras Bubble size distribution at the entrance of bubble column with pore sparger GR
0437 P3 Ghiami*, Modarress, Taghikhani, Vera Calculation of activity coefficients of 190 aqueous electrolyte by k-v model IR
0438 P5 Schöggl*, Steindl, Weber, Friedl, Sixta Calculation of physical property data of the system MgO – SO2 –H2O and their implementation in Aspen Plus AT
0439 P1 Fujimoto* Calorimetric study of a solid-liquid batch reaction JP
0440 F2 Avramenko*, Kraslawski Case-based reasoning environment (CABAREEN) for support of process and product design FI
0441 P5 Kuchonthara*, Puthasawat, Tsutsumi Catalytic steam gasification of biomass using alkali-nickel catalyst TH
0442 E2 Sha*, Zhou, Laari, Turunen CFD study on the influence of bubble size distribution on the flow hydrodynamics in bubble column CN
0443 F4 Saites, Guo, Wang, Mannhardt, Kantzas* Coal characterization and transport phenomena in coalbeds CA
0444 A5 Primožič, Paljevac, Habulin, Knez* Comparison of activities of different forms of cellulases at low and high pressure SI
0445 A2 Maduna Valkaj*, Granato, Katovic, Tomasic, Zrncevic Comparison of the activity of Cu-ZSM5 zeolite catalysts prepared by an ion-exchange method and direct hydrothermal synthesis method HR
0446 P1 Boudarene*, Baaliouamer Composition of the essential oils of Cedrus atlantica M. Twigs, an endemic species of the Djurdjura Mountain DZ
0447 G6 Mitkowski*, Jonsson, Gani Computer aided design of hybrid processes consisting of reactor and membrane-based separation unit DK
0448 P7 Valle*, Atutxa, Alonso, Gayubo, Bilbao Conditioning alternatives of biomass pyrolysis liquid for its subsequent catalytic transformation ES
0450 P7 Chen*, Kuo, Tan CuO-V2O5/AC catalysis for selective catalytic reduction of NO in low temperature TW
0451 P7 Zalewski*, Szwast Chaotic behaviour of chemical reaction in a deactivating catalyst particle PL
0452 P3 Kopecký*, Pavlík, Mikulášek Characterisation of the new nanofiltration membrane from Saehan CZ
0453 P3 De la Rubia*, Rodriguez, Prats Characterization of a ceramic membrane for the ultrafiltration of natural waters ES
0454 G4 Noorman*, van Sint Annaland, Kuipers Chemical-looping combustion in a periodically operated packed bed reactor NL
0456 C2 Lukacs*, Steger, Repke, Rev, Fonyo, Lelkes Design of batch reactive distillation with equilibrium limited consecutive reactions HU
0458 C2 Bourgois*, Vanderschuren, Thomas Determination of solubilities and liquid diffusivities of VOC (paraffins and aromatic hydrocarbons) in phthalates BE
0459 J1 Štěpánek, Schrott, Pecháčková, Přibyl*, Šnita Development of a microfluidic chip for heterogeneous immunoassay CZ
0461 P5 Koroishi, Boss, Maciel Filho* Development of orange juice freeze drying process BR
0462 G5 Zheleva*, Bennett, Zhelev Digital games in chemical engineering for environment protection IE
0463 B7 Matsis*, Grigoropoulou Dissolved oxygen sorption on granular activated carbon GR
0465 P1 Zouev*, Semenov Drive for creation torsion vibration in a centrifugal separator for loose materials RU
0466 B7 Chou*, Chen, Cheng Dual-bed pressure swing adsorption processes with compact flat-box adsorbers TW
0468 P1 Elajnaf, Carter*, Rowley Effect of contact surface and relative humidity on the electrostatic charging of particulate solids UK
0470 E3 Kazakis*, Papadopoulos, Mouza Prediction of gas holdup for the homogeneous regime in bubble columns equipped with porous sparger GR
0471 P7 Ayumi, Fukuji* Effect of liquid viscosity on ultrasonic decomposition of organic compounds JP
0472 P1 Lioumbas*, Paras Effect of physical properties on co-current gas-liquid stratified downflow GR
0473 P3 Mikulášek*, Velikovská, Šmídová Effect of physicochemical conditions on crossflow microfiltration of mineral dispersions using ceramic membranes CZ
0474 C5 Chalakov*, Rihko-Struckmann, Sundmacher Electrocatalytic oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane with a solid electrolyte membrane reactor DE
0475 H6 Wukovits, Pfeffer, Beckmann, Friedl* Energy self supply of a bio-ethanol production plant by utilisation of renewable energy from residues from feedstock and ethanol production AT
0476 P3 Kim*, Nakano Enhancement of adsorption of chloro-palladium(II) species onto tannin gel by introducing SCN- for Pd(II) recovery JP
0477 P1 Rincon, Kräuter*, Cremades, Perez Environmental audit of a delayed coking pilot plant VE
0478 A5 Paljevac, Šabeder, Sampedro, Habulin, Knez* Enzymatic synthesis of citronellol laurate in organic solvents and in ionic liquids SI
0479 B4 Sovová*, Bernášek, Zarevúcka Enzyme catalysed hydrolysis of blackcurrant seed oil in supercritical carbon dioxide CZ
0480 C2 Ahmadkhani*, Ardjmand Equilibrium and non-equilibrium simulation of reactive distillation column using equilibrium and rate - based model IR
0481 K2 Schaschke*, Abid, Heslop Evaluation of a falling sinker-type viscometer for the measurement of olive oil viscosity at high pressure UK
0482 P7 Mir Mohamad Sadeghi*, Fathi, Sayaf Evaluation of the synergistic effect of antimony trioxide on retardancy of some organic flame retardants IR
0483 P1 Dewil*, Appels, Baeyens Evaluation of various fysicochemical treatments to reduce the heavy metal content of waste activated sludge BE
0484 P3 Matsumoto*, Furuichi Evaluation of water quality by filtration coefficient based on the media blocking filtration model instead of SDI in membrane separation system JP
0485 P1 Karcz*, Mackiewicz Experimental analysis of the suspending of floating solids in an agitated vessel PL
0486 E7 Boden, Hristov*, Hampel, Kryk, Schmitt, Hessel Experimental and CFD analysis of a stirred tank reactor mechanically agitated by gas-inducing turbine DE
0487 P1 Wojtkowiak*, Popiel Experimental and numerical investigations of butterfly control valves flow characteristics PL
0488 K3 Jablonski*, Hauptmanns Experimental and theoretical optimization of a passive trip system DE
0489 P5 Crnomarkovic*, Repic, Mladenovic Experimental investigation of pollutant formation in pulverized coal combustion on axial-blade swirl type burner model YU
0490 P5 Popiel*, Wojtkowiak Experiments on free-convection heat transfer from vertical slender cylinders PL
0491 C7 Škerget*, Bezjak, Hadolin, Knez Extraction of red onion skin (Allium cepa L): antioxidant and radical scavenging activity of extract SI
0492 E7 Adragna*, Couenne, Jallut, Cassagnau Complex fluids mixing study in relation with reactive extrusion process FR
0493 P1 Pietrzak*, Witczak Flow patterns of the air-water flow in pipe bends PL
0494 H4 Viva*, Merello, Brunazzi Fluid dynamic study of a novel catalytic structured packing for process intensification IT
0495 P5 Azzi*, Bencheikh, Kibboua Forced convection in annular curved pipe filled with porous medium DZ
0497 P3 Šmídová*, Havelka, Víšek, Mikulášek Fractionation of sodium salt of 6-carboxy cellulose solution by membrane filtration CZ
0498 P3 Rincón, Rodríguez, Asencio*, Ancillo Frying oil recycling with dense carbon dioxide and ethanol ES
0499 I3 Golshan, Bozorgmehri*, Pishvaie Fuzzy real-time optimization of the Tennessee Eastman challenge process IR
0500 P5 Ashrafi*, Pröll, Hofbauer H2 rich product gas from steam reforming of anaerobic digestion derived biogas AT
0501 G4 Errico*, Mascia, Tola Heat integration between crude distillation unit and fluid catalytic cracking: a case study IT
0502 P5 Masiuk*, Rakoczy, Kordas Heat transfer for the viscous liquids in a vessel equipped with reciprocating plate agitator PL
0503 B6 Li*, Li, Zhou, Sui, Dai, Yuan, Chen High strength carbon nanofiber composite by in-situ synthesis for catalysis application CN
0504 P1 Moussous*, Yagoub, Belaid Hydrodynamic study and characterization of the flow in a loop reactor with a saccharose solution DZ
0505 K2 Adachi*, Haghighat Khajavi, Ota, Nakazawa, Kimura Hydrolysis of oligosaccharides in subcritical water JP
0506 A5 Dizge*, Canli, Keskinler, Tanriseven Immobilized Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase for methyl ester production from sunflower oil TR
0507 P3 Rochová*, Sovová, Sobolik, Allaf Impact of seed structure modification on the rate of supercritical CO2 extraction CZ
0508 P1 Ergun*, Tosun Improved ethanol production with blend of NaY and Ca-montmorillonite addition to synthetic sugar beet molasses TR
0509 P1 Srisuwan*, Thonglimp Improvement of oil palm mill effluent by adsorption on fixed bed process TH
0510 P5 Matijasevic, Lisac, Dejanovic* Improving the waste water treatment of urea production HR
0511 J2 Sharratt*, Matlosz, Bayer IMPULSE – the challenges in adopting a new processing paradigm UK
0512 J3 Hessel*, Löb, Löwe Industrial and real-life uses of microstructured reactors DE
0513 P3 Gumnitsky, Statyukha*, Senkiv Influence of periodical boiling of under vacuum on extraction from solid phase UA
0514 P5 Bogusławski* Influence of the flow turbulence on heat transfer on a sphere surface PL
0515 P1 Masiuk*, Rakoczy, Kordas Influence worktime agitator on probability density function of granular material PL
0517 P5 Vince*, Marechal, Breant, Aoustin Innovative design and multi-objective optimization of hybrid reverse osmosis and multi-stage flash desalination plants CH
0518 K5 Dolinsky*, Elperin Instability of the orientation of a speroidal particle in a leaky dielectric medium in the AC electric field IL
0519 G8 Kapustenko*, Ulyev, Boldyryev, Garev Integration of heat pump into the heat supply system of cheese production plant UA
0520 C7 Arendt*, Eggers Interaction of interfacial convection and mass transfer effects at droplets in liquid - liquid systems DE
0521 P7 Lakina*, Sulman, Matveeva, Doluda, Sidorov, Tihonov Investigation of activity of immobilized peroxidase RU
0522 P7 Soboleva*, Koltsova Investigation of reaction kinetics for industrial dihydrate method of P2O5 production RU
0523 K7 Páca Jr*, Kremláčková, Turek, Halecký, Páca, Stiborová Isolation and characterization of cytoplasmic NADPH-dependent phenolhydroxylase from yeast Candida tropicalis CZ
0524 P1 Turek, Kremláčková*, Páca Jr, Páca, Stiborová Isolation and partial characterization of extracellular NADPH-dependent phenolhydroxylase from bacteria Comamonas testosteroni CZ
0527 J1 Mohamed, Noor, Calkan, Calkan*, Ndlovu, Burke, Akay Development of catalytic micro-reactors with ultra-high surface area-to-volume ratio for bioprocess and chemical process intensification UK
0528 C6 Sentana*, Rodriguez, Sentana, Prats Effect of ionic strength and pH over the removal of natural organic mater. Cationic-anionic PAN membranes ES
0529 J4 Akay, Aydin*, Calkan, Noor Intensification of ion-exchange processes using monolithic ionic micro-porous polymers UK
0530 P3 Kondo*, Matsumoto, Kamio Kinetic investigation of metal sorption into a microcapsule JP
0531 A4 Castano, Gutiérrez*, Arandes, Bilbao Kinetic model discrimination of toluene hydrogenation over noble metal supported catalyst ES
0532 A4 Li, Qi*, You, Xu Kinetic model for desulfurization at medium temperature using hydrated absorbent CN
0533 P3 Ruiz, Escudero, Horta* Kinetic studies of aspartic acid and phenylglycine extraction with Tomac - impregnated resins ES
0534 P7 Sanchez*, Stüber, Font, Fortuny, Fabregat, Bengoa Kinetics approach of phenol oxidation promoted by chelated iron ES
0535 P7 Masiuk*, Rakoczy, Kordas Kinetics of efficiency bioprocess reduction of organic compounds in sewage PL
0536 C7 Hojnik*, Škerget, Knez Kinetics of lutein extraction from Marigold flower petals SI
0537 P3 Galvao*, Souza, Costa, Camara, Maia, Sousa Kinetics of the process of extraction of the essential oil from Cymbopogon winterianus J. using carbon dioxide under high pressure and its influence on the chemical composition BR
0538 P5 Kibboua*, Kechnit, Azzi Laminar film condensation on an elliptical tube with porous coating DZ
0539 K4 Delvosalle, Benjelloun, Fiévez*, Niemirowski, Tambour, Brohez Land use planning around Seveso sites in Walloon region (Belgium) BE
0540 P1 Yoshida*, Hiura, Yamagiwa, Ohkawa, Tezura Liquid flow produced by unsteadily forward-reverse rotating impeller in an unbaffled agitated vessel JP
0541 P3 Özmen*, Özmen Liquid-liquid equilibria of water+propionic acid+solvent ternaries at 298.2 K TR
0542 G2 Matsuda*, Iwakabe, Nakanishi, Huang, Nakaiwa, Oomori, Endo, Yamamoto, Kataoka Mass and heat transfer in heat integrated distillation column (HIDiC) with a rate-based model JP
0543 P1 Grof, Kohout*, Stepanek Mathematical modelling of breakage of needle shaped crystals CZ
0544 E3 Behling*, Mewes Measurement of local phase fractions in 2- and 3-phase bubble columns by X-ray computational tomography DE
0545 P3 Tohidi, Bastani*, Safdari Measurement of mass transfer coefficient in vertical mixer-settler (dispersed to continuous phase) IR
0546 P7 Godinez*, Ginesta, Soto, Lozano Melt transesterification of diphenyl carbonate with bisphenol acetophenone. A kinetic study ES
0547 P5 Kohout*, Grof, Stepanek Meso-scale modelling and tomographic visualisation of solvent drying from packed bed of crystal particles CZ
0548 A7 Bakeš*, Schreiberová, Schreiber, Hauser Complex oscillatory dynamics in a pH oscillator CZ
0549 P1 Assirelli*, Wei Mixing study in batch stirred vessels using a fiber-optic UV/VIS monitoring technique: a novel method SG
0550 A6 Sahebdelfar*, Nazarpoor Modeling of a radial-flow moving-bed reactor for dehydrogenation of isobutane IR
0551 P7 Fernández, Jorge, Jorge* Modeling of an industrial naphta pre-reforming reactor BR
0552 F2 Dallos, Kafarov, Maciel Filho* Modeling of the catalytic partial oxidation of methane to methanol in a multifunctional reactor CO
0553 P5 Zemmour*, Harkat Modeling of the fouling resistance of a cell of an heat exchanger of a heater circuit of crude oil of Algiers’s refinery DZ
0554 P3 Zhu*, Dai, Li, Zhou, Sui, Yuan Modeling of the growth process of carbon nanofibers CN
0555 P7 Yu*, Ohmori, Yamamoto, Endo, Nakaiwa, Itoh Modelling and simulation of methane steam reforming in a porous membrane reactor JP
0556 F7 Kohout*, Stepanek Multi-scale modelling and experimental study of vacuum contact dryers CZ
0557 H4 Gangadwala*, Radulescu, Kienle, Steyer, Sundmacher New process for recovery of acetic acid from waste water DE
0558 E6 Liu*, Qiang, Leng Local chaotic characteristics in a tube-bank fluidised-bed evaporator with a vapor-liquid-solid flow of external natural circulation CN
0559 P5 Ravagnani*, Caballero Optimal shell and tube heat exchanger design using generalized disjunctive programming BR
0560 P5 Adonyi*, Shopova, Friedler, Vaklieva-Bancheva Optimal schedule of a dairy manufactory HU
0561 I3 Staak*, Repke, Wozny Outflow conditions and strains on interior during pressure relief events on distillation columns DE
0562 P7 Souma, Yamashita* Ozonic decomposition of rhodamine-B JP
0563 P1 Srisuwan*, Thonglimp Performance and kinetics of biofilm in anaerobic fiter TH
0564 P1 Pajoom Shariati*, Bonakdarpour, Mehrnia Performance of draft-tube loop airlift bioreactors containing water-to diesel microemulsions IR
0565 B4 Škerget*, Perva-Uzunalić, Knez Phase equilibria of some flavor enhancers in binary systems with dense gases SI
0566 J7 Žgajnar Gotvajn*, Zagorc-Končan Pilot study on biological treatment of tannery landfill leachate SI
0567 D5 Malášek* Mathematical possibilities images processing of reshaped particulate substances CZ
0568 P1 Bubník*, Pour, Hinková, Malý, Štarhová, Přidal, Přidal Potentialities of photocatalytic processes in decomposition of pollutants from food technologies CZ
0571 E4 Machač*, Bendová, Šiška Pressure drop excess in the flow of viscoelastic fluids through fixed beds of particles CZ
0574 J2 Double* Project IMPULSE: equipment selection methodology UK
0575 A8 Mašek*, Sonoyama, Hosokai, Hayashi Pyrolytic gasification of coffee grounds JP
0576 P7 Kuramoto*, Matsuoka, Takagi, Nanba, Hosokai, Hayashi Reforming and coking characteristics of nascent volatiles derived from biomass pyrolysis over the contact with highly porous bed materials JP
0577 P1 Krejčířová*, Capouchová Relations between protein composition and rheological properties of wheat CZ
0578 K4 Meglouli*, Bouali, Bourezg, Houssou Reliability evaluation of components produced in limited series DZ
0580 P1 Zouev*, Semenov Research of process centrifugal separation of loose materials RU
0581 P5 Statyukha*, Jeżowski, Shakhnovsky, Kvitka Robust design and operation of water usage networks UA
0582 B5 Kumar*, Lazuen, Kubicka, Heikkila, Lehto, Salmi, Murzin Ru-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieve catalysts prepared by ion-exchange, impregnation and in-situ methods for reaction of ring opening of decalin FI
0583 H7 Novakovic*, Grosjean, Schütz, Willis, Wright, Whiting Enhancing process development using high throughput technologies. A case study using an L-proline catalysed aldol reaction UK
0584 P5 Mofidi, Edalat* Scaling equation as a function of pressure to determine onset of asphaltene precipitation IR
0585 P1 Pendyk*, Witczak Select problem of hydrodynamics the three phase gas-liquid-liquid flow in horizontal channels PL
0586 I8 Shariati, Hashemabadi* Selecting dryer type using fuzzy logic IR
0587 P7 Choo*, Seo Selective catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide over natural zeolite catalyst KR
0588 P3 Ogata*, Nakano Selective recovery system of gold from mixed solution of various precious metals utilizing the functional gel prepared from natural condensed tannin JP
0589 P1 Ounnar, Arrar, Bentahar* Self-similarity of reduced velocity profiles in jetting fluidised bed DZ
0590 K7 Gerrard*, Páca Jr, Kostečková, Páca, Stiborová Simple models for the continuous aerobic biodegradation of phenol in a packed bed reactor UK
0591 H5 Haque* Simulated temperature and moisture content profiles in a Pinus radiata board during high-temperature drying AU
0593 K2 Šárka*, Bubník, Trilčová Size particles distribution of carbonation mud and possibilities of influencing CZ
0594 F5 Liu*, Sun, Leng Local chaotic characteristics in a tube-bank fluidised-bed evaporator with a vapor-liquid-solid flow of external natural circulation CN
0595 B6 Wang, Tang*, Zhang Solid solutions and their precipitation reactions in the binary SnO2-CeO2 oxide system CN
0596 B3 Eggers, Jaeger* Sorption and swelling of polymers in trans- and supercritical carbon dioxide DE
0597 F7 Shokrollahi, Niakousari, Javadian, Zareifard*, Mesbahi, Jamalian Spray drying of lime juice concentrate (Citrus auraniforia): Effect of process parameters and addition of drying aid IR
0598 F4 Searson*, Willis, Horne, Wright S-systems and evolutionary algorithms for the inference of chemical reaction networks from fed-batch reactor experiments UK
0599 P3 Matějová*, Schneider, Šnajdaufová, Šolcová Standard nitrogen and argon adsorption isotherms for Al2O3, TiO2, MgO and controlled porous glass CZ
0601 P7 Gavrilenko*, Matveeva, Sulman, Sulman Study of the peculiarities of the process of catalytic denitrification using Pd-Cu/Al2O3 heterogeneous catalyst RU
0602 F7 Mohammadbeigy Kasvaei* Studying and modeling of impinging stream drying IR
0603 P7 Alfyorov*, Sulman, Misnikov, Afanasjev, Kumar, Murzin Studying of the influence natural and artificial alumosilicate catalytic systems on process low temperature pyrolysis of peat RU
0604 A1 Virtanen*, Mikkola, Karhu, Kordas Supported ionic liquid catalysts (SILCA) in the hydrogenation reactions FI
0605 B6 Harada*, Endo, Inagi, Fujisaki, Nakaiwa Surface modification of ordered mesoporous silica by hydrosilylation JP
0606 A2 Rownaghi*, Rezaei Synthesis of hexamethylenetetramine-bromine catalyst for oxidation of thiols to disulfides MY
0607 K5 Kaddour* Synthesis of metallo-organic compounds as additives for engine oils DZ
0608 P5 Pinto*, Padilla, Giordano, Giordano Synthesis, optimization and on-line remote control of a cheese whey refinery BR
0609 P5 Gruetzmann*, Niggemann, Albrecht, Fieg An efficient method for handling data resulting from Aspen Custom Modeler DE
0610 C6 del Amor Villa*, Wichmann Application of membrane processes in the enzymatic synthesis of biotensides DE
0611 C4 Čermáková, Markovic, Uchytil*, Seidel-Morgenstern Binary adsorption of propane, butane and carbon dioxide mixtures in Vycor glass CZ
0612 A5 del Amor Villa*, Wichmann Development of an integrated process for the enzymatic synthesis of biotensides DE
0613 K8 Phan, del Amor Villa*, Wichmann Development of an integrated process for the production and isolation of a lipase from Trichosporon species DE
0614 A4 McSwiney*, Fürnsinn, Hofbauer, Ward Effect of reaction parameters on the olefin formation during biomass-based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis AT
0615 P1 Taheri, Kharrat, Ghazanfari*, Khodabakhsh Experimental and computer based simulation study of WAG process IR
0616 G7 Anipko, Kapustenko, Gogenko*, Arsenyeva, Perevertaylenko Fouling of “Compabloc” type plate heat exchangers in technological processes of distilleries and nitric acid production UA
0617 J2 Pohorecki*, Sobieszuk, Kula, Moniuk, Zieliński Hydrodynamics regimes of gas-liquid flow in a microreactor channel PL
0618 I7 Cardona*, Sanchez, Rossero Analysis of integrated schemas for effluent treatment during fuel ethanol production CO
0619 P3 Gruetzmann*, Niggemann, Köpke, Fieg Modelling of complex batch distillation starting from ambient conditions DE
0620 A7 Riihimäki*, Kuusisto, Wärna, Mikkola, Salmi Modelling of sugar hydrogenation kinetics in a batch reactor FI
0621 G4 Amann, Descamps, Kanniche, Bouallou* Modelling of the CO2 capture in post-combustion FR
0622 P5 Tovazhnyanskyy, Kapustenko, Khavin*, Arsenyeva Plate heat exchangers for heat pumps UA
0623 I6 Foo* Targeting the minimum number of units and network evolution techniques for a batch heat exchanger network MY
0624 K3 Estrada F.* Technical application of dynamics simulation and safety instrumented systems to reduce mass of relief to flare stacks in hydrocarbon process industries MX
0625 G5 Brun*, Vargas The construction of a virtual learning environment in fluid mechanics in an undergraduate chemical engineering course BR
0626 P3 Taheri, Safdari, Goodarznia* The effect of operating conditions on holdup profile in a pulsed packed column IR
0627 K1 Iciek*, Blaszczyk, Papiewska The effect of organic acid type on thermal inactivation of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores PL
0628 P3 Allende*, Cambiella, Benito, Pazos, Coca The effect of pH on destabilisation mechanisms of metalworking O/W emulsions by coagulation ES
0629 P1 Iciek*, Wawro, Gruska The effect of physicochemical processing on mechanical properties of sugar beet tissue PL
0631 B2 Juliastuti*, Santuso, Hariyono, Effendi The influence of air saturated pressure in the performance of oil removal from wastewater using dissolved air flotation (DAF) ID
0632 P1 Kapranova, Zaitsev, Bushmelev*, Kuzmin The investigation of the densificational powder sliding effect in the cell of the set-up with the curvilinear blades RU
0633 P1 Kapranova, Zaitsev, Bushmelev*, Lebedev The optimization problem of the curvilinear blades form in the powder densification set-up RU
0634 J4 Li, VandenBussche* The potential of process intensification and miniaturization in the processing industries US
0635 E7 Tal-Figiel* The rheology and stability of selected W/O and W/O/W type cosmetic emulsions PL
0636 A8 Alonso*, Atutxa, Valle, Gayubo, Aguayo The role of water in the reaction mechanism and in the deactivation of SAPO-18 in the MTO process ES
0637 P1 Thonglimp*, Srisuwan The suitable conditions of activated sludge process for industrial latex wastewater treatment TH
0638 J8 Dewil*, Baeyens, Roels The use of iron for removing phosphor in wastewater treatment affects the residual sulphur content in waste activated sludge BE
0639 H6 Brown*, Gassner, Fuchino, Marechal Thermo economic analysis for the optimal conceptual design of biomass gasification energy conversion systems JP
0640 A8 Zykay*, Azhigulova, Ospanov, Syzdykova, Omarova Thermodynamic and kinetic regularities of interactions of sphalerite in solutions of different oxidizing agents KZ
0641 K5 Richter*, Repke, Thielert, Wozny Thermodynamical investigations on the recovery of aromatic hydrocarbons from coke-oven gases by the use of washing oils DE
0642 P1 Chimeno-Alanís, Fernández-Macía, Iriarte-Velasco*, Álvarez-Uriarte, González-Velasco THMs and HAAs precursors removal efficiency comparison between sand and GAC filtration systems ES
0643 P5 Gordeev*, Plyutto, Dubrovsky, Lukyanov Three-position relay control system RU
0644 G5 Perry* Towards a framework for learning and teaching in engineering in the 21st century UK
0645 I1 Blesgen*, Kuhnen, Kühn, Hass Towards a virtual (bio-) chemical engineering laboratory DE
0646 P1 Rahimi, Salehi*, Zivdar, Shahraki, Daghbandan Transient flow simulation of liquid recirculation and axial velocity in two-phase cylindrical bubble column reactors by CFD IR
0647 A1 Toukoniitty*, Wärna, Murzin, Salmi Transient methods in three-phase catalysis FI
0649 P1 Chekir, Arrar, Bentahar* Treatment of soil contaminated with gasoil in spouted bed DZ
0650 P5 Jinescu, Vasilescu, Isopencu*, Mares Drying of the powdery biomaterials – interparticular forces influence in fluidized bed drying RO
0651 A2 Nazarpoor, Khodadadi*, Sahebdelfar Effects of Au on activity enhancement of Pt-Sn-K/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts in dehydrogenation of isobutane IR
0652 H3 Sanchez, Moncada, Cardona* Modeling and simulation of ethanol dehydration by pervaporation and energy analysis of separation schemas for fuel ethanol production CO
0653 P7 Nazarpoor, Sahebdelfar*, Khodadadi S-shape coke accumulation along a bed of Au-promoted Pt-Sn-K/alumina catalyst in isobutane dehydrogenation IR
0654 P3 Özmen*, Çehreli UNIFAC application to water-1-propanol-n-amyl alcohol and n-amyl acetate ternaries TR
0655 P3 Çehreli*, Özmen UNIFAC application to water-1-propanol-solvent (cyclohexanol and cyclohexyl acetate) ternaries TR
0656 C4 Nagy* Unsteady-state mass transport through solid layer with variable diffusion coefficient and convective velocity HU
0657 J7 Mahdavi, Borghei* Upgrading of municipal wastewater plant by use Moving Bed Bioreactor pilot plant IR
0658 I8 Dejanovic*, Fabek, Matijasevic Urea synthesis modelling HR
0659 J2 Sheikhzeinoddin*, Sharratt Use of structured components to deliver cleaner processes UK
0660 P3 Kato*, Kodama, Iijima, Otani, Sato, Haneda Vapor-liquid equilibrium behavior of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural or citric acid in methanol or ethanol JP
0661 P1 Masiuk*, Kordas, Rakoczy Verification schematic block diagram for the liquid vessel with pendulum agitator PL
0662 E2 Kholmer*, Grinis Vibration field effect upon gas-liquid interaction IL
0663 P1 Pendyk*, Czernek, Witczak Volume fraction of gas at two-phase flow of gas and very viscous liquid PL
0664 G6 Gerogiorgis*, Pistikopoulos Wells-to-tankers: dynamic oil & gas production optimization via explicit reservoir CFD simulation UK
0665 B3 Sutjiadi-Sia*, Eggers Wettability and hydrodynamics of falling liquid films on a vertical surface in the presence of pressurized carbon dioxide DE
0666 B2 Atashjameh*, Rahimi, Bahmannia, Safary What happened for element cartridge of pre filter F-701? IR
0667 P1 Gürü, Ayar, Çakanyildirim*, Bilen Synthesis and characterization of zinc borate pigment resistant to corrosion and stable at high temperatures TR
0668 I4 Andrade*, Costa, Maciel Filho, Atala, Maugeri Procedure for development of a robust mathematical model for alcoholic fermentation process BR
0669 C5 Criscuoli*, Figoli, Ranieri, Drioli Pervaporation and membrane contactors as alternative techniques for determining the ethyl alcohol content in hydro-alcoholic solutions IT
0670 P3 Sui*, Zhou, Li, Chen, Dai, Yuan Tailoring surface chemistry of carbon nanofibers for catalyzing oxidative dehydrogenation of propane CN
0671 P7 Morais, Leal, Vasco de Toledo, Maciel Filho* A dynamic model of fixed bed catalytic reactor for controller design BR
0672 P5 Lombrana, Rodriguez, de Elvira* A mathematical model to describe temperature distribution and moisture evolution in a microwave drying process ES
0673 P5 Koçak* A new iterative method created and applied to equilibrium calculations TR
0674 K7 Hornung*, Schmauder A new modular bioreactor for microbial surface cultures DE
0675 K3 Pavan, Cruz*, Pereira A novel technique to pressure vessels monitoring BR
0676 F1 Victorino, Morais, Maia, Maciel Filho* A procedure for large scale process optimization based on genetic algorithm: Application to cyclic alcohol reactor production BR
0677 I3 Farias Junior, Maciel Filho* Adaptive control design for a fluid catalytic cracking converter BR
0678 F3 Duarte, Ender, Maciel Filho* An advanced non-linear control applied to catalytic reactor BR
0679 P7 Morais, Victorino, Leal, Vasco de Toledo, Maciel Filho* An alternative fixed bed design for high performance and safe operation BR
0680 P1 Kaźmierczak*, Zaborowski, Paryjczak, Michniewicz, Żarczyński An effect of selected nitrogen compounds on dioxins emission during propylene chlorohydrin oxidation at a hopcalite catalyst PL
0681 D6 Günther*, Jupesta, Hintz, Tomas Analysis of the process parameters on the growth of silica particle precipitation DE
0682 P5 Statyukha*, Telitsyna, Surup, Makhlina Application of an experimental-statistical modeling method for searching optimum compositions in dry mixes production UA
0683 B7 Rodriguez*, Lucas, Carmona, Canas Application of ion exchange to purify acarbose from fermentation broths ES
0684 K6 Daugulis*, Nielsen, Prpich, Rehmann Application of partitioning bioreactors to bioremediation and biosynthetic applications CA
0685 I5 Delgado, Queiroz, Pessoa* Application of WSD procedure to pulp and paper industries BR
0686 E6 Sahoo* Segregation characteristic of binary heterogeneous mixtures in promoted gas solid fluidized beds: ANN model IN
0688 P1 Fillat, Izquierdo*, Colina Basic design of a bubbling fluidized bed reactor for the production of dealuminated kaolin ES
0689 P5 Silva Lima, Wolf Maciel*, Batistella, Maciel Filho Biodiesel production - application of response surface methodology to optimize castor oil ethanolyse BR
0691 P1 Kaidi, Rihani, Ben Amira, Naceur, Bensmaili* Bubble column: experiments and modelling DZ
0692 P7 Kohout*, Schreiber Classification of the reaction-transport systems using stoichiometric network analysis CZ
0693 P5 Queiroz*, Jacob-Lopes, Zepka, Goldbeck, Mitterer, Treptow Color change kinetics of Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli cyanobacteria during convective drying BR
0695 J2 Löb*, Hessel, Hollomotz, Men Comparative investigations of dispersion formation in different types of micromixers as basis for equipment selection DE
0696 K2 Eszes*, Rajkó, Szabó Comparison of heat treatment calculations using thermal diffusivity determined from chemical compositions HU
0697 F4 González-Villalba*, Abildskov, Gani Computer aided pure component property prediction for isomers DK
0698 P5 Pilizota, Subaric*, Nedic Tiban, Prpic Control of enzymatic browning in parsley HR
0699 P5 Zake, Barmina, Meijere, Desnickis* Control of polluting emissions by Co-firing the renewable with the fossil fuel LV
0700 P5 Ondrovičová, Bakošová, Puna* Control of a reboiler by Simatic 300 SK
0701 P5 Moreira*, Chenlo, Chaguri Convective drying rate curves of pre-treated chestnuts by means of osmotic processes ES
0702 I2 Skilling* Challenges in teaching safety in an undergraduate programme UK
0703 A4 Vaisman, Kabir, Kantzas*, Langford Challenges of UV/H2O2/photocatalysis for water purification CA
0704 I7 Fernández, García, Renedo* Characterization and treatment of wastewater originated in an antiadherent application stage ES
0705 K6 Soares*, Soccol, Woiciechowski, Miranda, Henning, Páca Characterization of biofilter carriers BR
0706 E5 Ghorai*, Nigam Characterization of hydrodynamic parameters in two-phase flow in coiled tubes using CFD IN
0707 P3 Colina, Cadenas, Izquierdo* Characterization of pore structure of kaolin dealuminated by reaction with sulfuric acid at high temperature. II New results on their fractal structure ES
0708 K8 Filho, Almeida, Chagas, Macedo, Santos* Chitosanase production by Aspergillus ochraceus BR
0709 G8 Schindler, Mařík, Stluka* Decision support tools for advanced energy management CZ
0710 G2 Weber*, Marechal, Favrat Design and optimization of district energy systems CH
0711 H3 Hüpen, Kenig* Absorption and desorption of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide in packed columns: rigorous modelling and simulation DE
0712 P7 Gulková*, Vít, Zdražil Acidity of supports and their influence on the properties of Mo hydrotreating catalysts modified by Pt CZ
0713 P3 Vopička*, Hynek, Friess, Hendrich, Šípek Determination of integral diffusion coefficient by sorption model with dynamic correction CZ
0714 P1 Ortueta, Celaya, Mijangos*, Muraviev Determination of the kinetic parameters in the Mg2+/NH4+/H+ exchange for the struvite formation from supersaturated solutions ES
0715 P5 Meiwes*, Kuhnen, Hass Development of a mathematical model for the representation of ph-trajectories in a structured growth and product formation model for bakers yeasts DE
0716 P5 Lima, Maciel Filho* Development of dynamic models and predictive control by fuzzy logic for polymerization processes BR
0717 P5 Cerdeira*, Vázquez Development of new techniques of non-destructive analysis based in infrared thermography for its application in the detection of appeased lack of adhesion in facades of buildings ES
0718 P5 Weise*, Uerdingen, Scholl Dewatering of the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazoliumethylsulfate (ECOENGTM212) in a falling film evaporator DE
0719 P1 Silva*, Knoechelmann, Lucena Dynamic analysis of a gas-solid fluidized-bed gasifier for power generation BR
0720 G1 Silva, Lucena, Farias Junior, Maciel Filho* Dynamic analysis of fluidized bed gasifier for power generation BR
0721 P5 Ribeiro, Pinto, Giordano* Dynamic optimization approaches for the enzymatic synthesis of ampicillin BR
0722 P3 Ferreira*, Rocha, Faria Effect of CaCl2 in sucrose crystallization PT
0724 P7 Niaei*, Salari, Towfighi, Daneshvar, Chamandeh, Ebadi, Nabavi Effect of surface coating by CVD method during the pyrolysis of naphtha to reduction of coke deposition IR
0725 P1 Rubel, Dalla Santa, Lima Filho, Figueiredo, Buchi, Di Bernardi, Páca*, Leifa, Soccol Effects of Ganoderma lucidum supplemented diet on renal function and immune system in healthy mice BR
0726 I5 Périn-Levasseur*, Marechal, Nordal, Paris Efficient energy conversion in a sulfite pulp process CH
0727 P5 Zake, Barmina, Desnickis* Electric control of combustion dynamics and pollutant emissions from the swirl stabilized premixed combustion LV
0728 P7 Valverde, Dorado, De Lucas-Consuegra*, García Electrochemical promotion of Pt catalyst prepared by impregnation method in the selective catalytic reduction of NOx ES
0729 C5 Parrondo*, Gomez, Mijangos Electromigration of ionic species through polymer electrolyte membranes ES
0730 J3 Löb*, Hessel, Löwe Enabling of novel and intensified organic synthesis by use of microreactors DE
0731 G4 Marciano, Roux, Bensakhria*, Antonini Energy production with CO2 capture by natural gas combustion with iron-based oxygen carrier FR
0732 F1 Victorino*, Morais, Maia, Maciel Filho Evaluation of genetic algorithm coding to optimization of a large scale systems BR
0734 P3 Alvarez*, Moraes, Wolf Maciel Evaluation of liquid-liquid extraction process for separating acrylic acid from biomass fermentation BR
0735 P3 Alvarez*, Moraes, Wolf Maciel Evaluation of mathematical models and simulation for pervaporation process BR
0737 P1 San José*, Alvarez, Ortiz de Salazar, Martínez, Bilbao Expansion of spouted beds in conical contactors with a draft tube ES
0738 E5 Heslop, McDonald*, Knotts, Grant Experimental determination of volumes from flow rate measurements UK
0739 P5 Oliveira Filho, Dantas Bezerra, Oliveira Fontes, Souza* Experimental factorial designs to produce niobium precursor by spray drying process BR
0740 K4 Poli*, Steinbach Experimental investigations of pressure relief of non-reactive three-phase systems DE
0741 I4 Mahdavian*, Edalat Experimental study of effecting parameters in batch distillation for optimized operation IR
0742 B7 Fernandez, Fernandez-Olmo*, Irabien Experimental study of the purification of commercial dilute hydrofluoric acid by ion exchange ES
0743 J1 Hasal*, Přibyl, Kukula, Chmelíková, Marek Biotransformations intensification by electric fields CZ
0744 K6 Schmauder*, Hornung, Lindner, Páca Fermentative preparation of liquid feedings solutions for pigs and quality control and characterization of the final products - new developments in biotechnology DE
0745 P3 Polotsky*, Ezhelina, Meleshko, Potokin, Cherkasov Formation and analysis of aromatic polyamideimide ultrafiltration membranes RU
0746 F6 Popiel* Free convection heat transfer from vertical slender cylinders PL
0747 A2 Nishiumi*, Narita, Amano, Kadoishi Fullerene as visible light catalyst JP
0748 P5 Vasičkaninová, Bakošová*, Puna Fuzzy identification of the chemical reactor SK
0751 K6 Soares, Soccol, Woiciechowski*, Miranda, Henning, Páca Granulated tire and compost bed biofilters treating gasoline vapors BR
0752 E6 Roy*, Subba Rao Heat and mass transfer in fluidized bed granulation IN
0753 P1 Sharapov*, Khatzrinov Heat isolating materials on sodium silicate base RU
0754 P1 Santana, Paulo*, Pitanga, Lima, Brandao Heavy metals extraction from petroleum industry wastewater using Brazilian vegetable oils BR
0755 P7 Morais*, Victorino, Pinto, Vasco de Toledo, Maciel Filho High operational performance multitubular reactor: proposed alternative design BR
0756 I3 Ávila*, Pessoa Human reliability related with process control at industry BR
0757 J2 Arizmendi-Sanchez*, Sharratt Hybrid phenomena-based modelling of chemical processes to support multiscale process design UK
0758 P1 Paulo*, Moraes, Fernandes Jr., Hadjiev Hydrodynamics behaviour of a new mixer-settler based on phase inversion BR
0760 I4 Bauer*, Schubert, Al-Dahhan, Lange Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid two phase flow in honeycomb catalyst reactors DE
0761 P1 Gómez-Martín*, Romero, Fernández Hydrolysis of arbutin with beta-glucosidase from almonds: kinetic analysis ES
0762 P1 Gómez-Martín*, Romero, Delgado, Fernández Immobilization of trypsin on activated carbon: application at transesterification reactions ES
0763 P1 Paulo*, Fernandes Jr., Moraes, Hadjiev Influence of operational parameters on treating oily waste waters with a mixer-settler based on phase inversion method BR
0764 P1 Ovejero, Romero, Rodríguez, Méndez*, Recamán Influence of particle size distribution on the apparent fluidization of metallurgical-grade silicon ES
0765 K2 Duarte*, da Mata, Nascimento Influence of process variables on the extraction of the Barbados cherry dye BR
0766 J8 Fryźlewicz-Kozak*, Tal-Figiel Influence of sonification on activated sludge structure PL
0767 P7 De Lucas, Valverde, Sánchez, Ramos*, Jiménez, Nieto-Márquez Influence of the hydrocarbon feed on the alkane hydroisomerization over beta based catalysts ES
0768 A2 De Lucas, Garrido, Romero, Valverde*, Nieto-Márquez Influence of the metallic phase in the catalytic growth of carbon nanofibers via chemical vapour decomposition (CVD) ES
0769 H3 Hessel*, Kolb, Löwe Integrated microstructured heat exchanger-reactors for fuel processing DE
0770 H7 Barros, Torres Rodríguez, Bello Bugallo*, Roca, Casares Long Integrated pollution prevention and control in the surface treatment industries in Galicia (NW Spain) ES
0771 K7 Lindner, Schmauder* Investigations on possibilities of a larger application of products based on forms from starch and other growing resources in concrete constructions DE
0772 J8 Rodríguez, Lombrana*, Varona Kinetic analysis of the degradation stages of a dye pollutant in an ozonation process ES
0773 P7 Izquierdo*, Cruz, Cunill, Tejero, Iborra, Fité, Bringué Kinetic study of isoamylenes dimerization over Amberlyst 35 ES
0774 B7 Kazdobin*, Vasiluk, Stefanyak, Belyakov Kinetics of non-ferrous metal ions transport by ion-exchange materials of different origin UA
0775 K3 Macias, Cariati, Souza, Cruz*, Pereira Leak detection in pipelines. Pressure transient analysis BR
0776 P7 De Lucas, Sánchez, Valverde, Dorado, Fúnez* Liquid phase hydroisomerization of n-octane over palladium catalysts with or without binder ES
0777 P1 San José*, Alvarez, Ortiz de Salazar, Olazar, Bilbao Local bed voidage in spouted beds consisting of solids of varying density ES
0778 I2 Ferjencik* Looking for the best starting point to comprehensive process safety education CZ
0779 A6 Elahi, Khodadadi, Mortazavi* Low temperature oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane in corona discharge reactor using O2 and CO2 IR
0780 F4 Barz*, Frey, Huss, Urbas Mining process data using user defined curve patterns DE
0781 E6 Roy* Mixing characteristic of heterogeneous binary mixture of irregular particles in a gas-solid fluidized bed IN
0782 P5 Trajano*, Guinho Barbosa, Maciel Filho, Wolf Maciel Optimization through desirability functions and factorial design for a catalytic cracking unit BR
0783 A3 Shukla, Mehra* Modeling of CaCO3 nanoparticle formation in reverse micelles IN
0784 P5 Ccopa Rivera, Costa, Maciel Filho* Modeling the influence of temperature on alcoholic fermentation kinetics using a genetic algorithm BR
0785 F2 Rusten*, Ochoa-Fernandez, Chen, Jakobsen Heterogeneous and pseudo-homogeneous reactor models with solution of the velocity-pressure coupling for simulation of sorption enhanced steam reforming NO
0786 K2 Henke*, Bubník, Kubát The new simulated moving bed pilot plant - modelling, simulation and application CZ
0787 P3 Ghiami*, Modarress, Noei Aghaie Modified Pitzer model for calculation of thermodynamic properties of electrolyte solutions IR
0788 F1 Filipe*, Novais, Hauan Multi-objective optimization of reactive distillation columns using feasible regions PT
0789 C2 López-Arenas, Cárdenas-Guerra*, Lobo-Oehmichen, Pérez-Cisneros Multiple steady states in a HDS reactive distillation column MX
0790 B7 Heslop, Russell, Richardson*, Mason, Buffham, Guo New detector for gas chromatography UK
0791 P7 Dias*, Goncalves, Lona TEMPO-mediated polymerization of styrene using mono and bifunctional initiators BR
0792 C5 Heslop, Grey, Low, Schaschke* Novel approach to assessing the performance of membrane systems UK
0793 B7 Kaur*, Srivastava Numerical method for simulation of non-isothermal adsorption separation system IN
0794 A6 Akanksha*, Pant, Srivastava Numerical modeling of a falling film reactor IN
0795 F4 Andrade*, Jardini, Maciel Filho, Rezende Numerical simulation and analyzes of evolution of temperature and cure of thermosensitive materials during thermolithography process (IRTL) BR
0796 P3 Polotsky, Cherkasov* On the influence of polymer chain flexibility on the regularities of ultrafiltration RU
0797 P3 Niaei*, Salari, Nabavi, Jodaei Optimization of extraction factors of linear paraffin’s from naphtha, kerosene and gas oil using Taguchi method IR
0798 I7 Jegla* Optimum arrangement of tube coil in radiation type of tubular furnace CZ
0799 P3 Kopecký*, Pavlík, Mikulášek Optimal conditions for desalination of reactive yellow 95 by batch diafiltration CZ
0800 P7 Nagiev*, Mustafaeva, Nagieva, Nasirova, Mustafaev Oxidation of ethanol by hydrogen peroxide to acetaldehyde on biomimetic catalysts AZ
0801 P3 Friess*, Hynek, Vopička, Šípek, Sysel, Kuznetsov Permeability of myristate cellulose based composite membranes for gases and vapors CZ
0802 D3 González-Villalba*, Le Bert, Abildskov, Gani Prediction of missing UNIFAC group-interaction parameters through connectivity indices DK
0803 P1 Renedo*, Fernández Preparation, characterization and use of desulfurant sorbents obtained by precipitation of Ca(OH)2 on different silica sources ES
0804 D6 Nikolov*, Hintz, Tomas Process dynamics of titanium dioxide nanoparticle formation: simultaneous agglomeration and redispersion kinetics DE
0805 P1 Moraes*, Pinto, Alvarez, Wolf Maciel Optimization of a liquid-liquid extractor for solving separation of diluted systems: removing phenol from wastewater BR
0807 P1 Rodríguez-Fernández, Spier, Rodríguez-León, Páca*, Soccol Production of extracellular phytase by solid state fermentation employing an strain Aspergillius niger W2 CU
0808 P3 Custódio*, Wolf Maciel, Maciel Filho Proposal of a process intensification and green technology on ethyl acetate production BR
0809 P1 Porfiryeva, Akhmetov, Iusupova, Khatzrinov, Sharapov* Quantum-chemical reseach of interaction in silicate containing materials RU
0810 P1 Rodríguez, Lombrana*, Varona, Unibaso Radicalary and molecular oxidative attack by O3/H2O2 in the degradation of a LAS detergent wastewater model ES
0811 A3 Soudais, Moga, Blažek*, Lemort Reaction kinetics of polymer pyrolysis CZ
0812 P3 Machado*, Alvarez, Pinho, Scheer, Wolf Maciel Recovery and purification of acrylic acid produced from sugar cane using adsorption in simulated moving bed BR
0813 P5 Bartasson*, Maciel Filho Relationship between molecular and morphologic characteristics with quality properties for polymers: applications for high density polyethylene with blow moulding application BR
0814 K8 Cabrera-Padilla, Pinto, Barros, Giordano, Giordano* Release of phenylalanine from cheese whey proteins using immobilized chymotrypsin and carboxypeptidase in an integrated reaction-membrane separation system BR
0815 K4 Rashtchian*, Lak, Hashemi Risk assessment procedure in process units with a case study in a petrochemical complex IR
0816 F3 Bakošová, Puna*, Závacká Robust control of a chemical reactor using static output feedback SK
0817 E5 Sarimeseli* Sedimentation of particles in developed turbulent flow in rough pipes TR
0818 P7 De Lucas, Dorado, Valverde, Romero, Cruz, García* Selective catalytic reduction of NO by propene over Cu/silica-alumina catalysts prepared by a combined sol-gel method ES
0821 D3 Mojdeh, Edalat* Simple perturbed equation of state: phase behavior prediction of aminoacids in aqueous solution IR
0822 P5 Maia, Wolf Maciel* Simulation and optimization of vacuum distillation unit from petroleum refinery process BR
0823 D4 Huan*, Jianjun, Zuoliang, Na, Caihua, Guilan Solubility of NH4Cl in water+methanol+MgCl2+NH4Cl mixture CN
0824 P3 Ceglarska-Stefańska*, Zarębska, Wolszczak Sorption of CO2 and CH4 mixtures (of different proportions) in the light of potential CO2 sequestration in coal seams PL
0825 P3 Friess*, Hynek, Hovorka, Randová, Vopička, Šípek, Bartovská Sorption of methanol and water in Nafion membrane from liquid and vapor phase CZ
0826 P3 Winter*, Linan, Batistella, Maciel Wolf, Maciel Filho, Medina Split fraction of basic lubricant oils by falling film molecular distillator BR
0827 A6 Cardona, Navarro-Laboulais*, Torregrosa, Abad, López Structural and practical identifiability analysis of dynamic bubble-column reactors. Experimental and numerical determination of mass-transfer parameters ES
0829 P1 Ito, Batistella, Wolf Maciel* A new methodology to eliminate FFA from SODD: Molecular distillation process BR
0830 P1 Amaral, Freire, Rocha-Leao, Marrucho, Coelho*, Coutinho Study of mass transfer performance in a multiphase bioreactor for lipase production by Yarrowia lipolytica BR
0831 P7 Gomes, Medeiros, Sousa, Souza*, Gomes Study of the variable effects on the MO2C/Al2O3 catalysts by experimental factorial design BR
0832 G1 Hirata*, Nakazato, Hui, Kato Submerged type incinerator heat recovery by fluidized bed heat exchanger JP
0833 K8 Mohan, Lorquin, Wietzkoski, Páca*, Soccol Sugarcane bagasse treatment, analyses and microscopic visualization, used as an alternative support material in plant micropropagation BR
0834 P3 Zizovic*, Ivanovic, Ristic, Djordjevic, Skala Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of wild grown and cultivated valerian YU
0835 P7 Santos, Fontes, Oliveira Fontes, Sousa, Souza* Synthesis and characterization of dense ceramic membranes for methane conversion BR
0836 I8 Bartasson*, Maciel Filho Synthesis of a fuzzy model for linking synthesis conditions with molecular characteristics and performance properties of high density polyethylene BR
0837 C3 Niggemann*, Gruetzmann, Fieg Temperature control strategies for fully thermally coupled distillation columns based on dynamic simulations with rigorous process models DE
0838 F6 Kumar, Mridha, Nigam* Temperature-dependent viscosity on fully developed laminar forced convection of polymeric fluids in curved tube IN
0840 P5 Moreira*, Chenlo, Abelenda, Vazquez Textural analysis of dried and defrost chestnuts ES
0841 A1 Pershina*, Vyatkina The nature of acid-base and catalytic activity of montmorillonite clay in aqueous media UA
0842 P1 Renedo*, González, Pesquera, Fernández The use of chemisorption to evaluate the ability of the sorbents to capture SO2 ES
0843 P5 Oliveira, Ourique, Souza* Transport phenomena of a spray drying used for the obtaining of the powder of niobate oxalate of ammonia ((NH4)3[NbO(C2O4)3]3H2O) BR
0844 P7 Salari, Niaei*, Towfighi, Ebadi, Chamandeh, Nabavi Triphenyl phosphine oxide (TPPO) as a coke inhibitor during thermal cracking of naphtha IR
0845 A4 Pershina*, Kazdobin Use of kinetic methods in the determination of red-ox potentials of natural water UA
0846 G1 Parrondo*, Barrio, Mijangos, Lombrana Water management in polymer ion-exchange membrane used like electrolyte in a fuel cell ES
0847 P5 Queiroz, Pessoa* Water source diagram procedure: wastewater reduction for single contaminant BR
0848 P7 Garg*, Srivastava A 2-D model based study of thermal cracker IN
0849 J1 Flickinger*, Kumar, Fidaleo Engineering and modeling of thin, adhesive, microbial biocatalytic coatings for high intensity oxidations in multi-phase microchannel bioreactors UK
0850 E8 Rihani, Bensmaili*, Kaidi Liquid-gas phase mixing time distribution in a pyrex torus reactor DZ
0851 J3 Abe*, Ohkubo, Nishiyama, Sakai Nano-atomization of metal borides (TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2) using function-building fine particle preparation method UK
0852 J4 Chen* Process intensification by Higee Technology for chemical reactions and separation - experience from fundamental to commercial UK
0853 J2 Wall*, Sharratt, Davison, Gourlay Whole process design: stakeholders, design space and risks UK
0854 A6 Kukula*, Hasal, Schultz, Schröder, Sundmacher An experimental study of the multi-functional unit combining an electro-membrane enzyme reactor and a fuel cell stack CZ
0855 P1 Komissarov, Gordeev*, Nguyan Analysis and synthesis of chemical industries water supply RU
0856 E6 Godlieb*, Deen, Kuipers Discrete particle simulations of high pressure fluidization NL
0857 J4 Abd Shukor*, Ahmad, Liik Dynamic interaction among instrumentations in a fast control loop MY
0858 P1 Rodrigues, Vandenberghe*, Boza, Teodoro, Soccol, Páca Study of commercial carbon sources addition for the production of citric acid by solid state fermentation using citric pulp BR
0859 P3 Ibjatov*, Akhmadiev, Fazilzynov Nonisothermal flow of heterogeneous environments on permeable surface RU
0862 P1 Komissarov, Gordeev*, Edelstein, Vent, Sarkisov The ecological monitoring of the environment RU
0863 P3 Georgescu*, Rus, Geanta, Georgescu The use of some membrane processes for the filtration/sterilization of ecobiological wines RO
0864 P1 Maciel, Vandenberghe*, Fendrich, Haminiuk, Medeiros, Páca, Soccol Xylanase production in solid-state fermentation using agroindustrial residues with Aspergillus niger BR
0866 P5 Hájek, Šarlej, Petr*, Piskovský, Pařízek, Bébar, Stehlík Computational analysis of secondary combustion chamber in hazardous waste incinerator CZ
0867 P5 Šarlej*, Petr, Hájek, Stehlík Computational support in experimental burner design optimisation CZ
0869 P3 Fieg, Niggemann* Safety improvement of startup processes by using systems based on process control engineering DE
0870 P1 Cichosz*, Buczkowski, Igliński The hypothesis of conversion of nitrogen oxides and ammonia ions in alkaline solution leading to nitrogen PL
0871 P1 Igliński*, Buczkowski, Koter, Cichosz The production of citric acid using bipolar membrane PL
0872 A6 Govindan, Suresh* Some issues in the modelling of liquid phase hydrocarbon oxidations IN
0873 P1 Tita*, Bulancea The influence of the nitrogenous substances on the physico-chemical composition of the wines RO
0874 P3 Limaverde*, Finzer, Yoshida, Fernandes Solid-liquid extraction: coffee husk soluble BR
0875 P3 Bezerra, de Macedo, Souza* Solubility data analysis from physical properties: multicomponent systems BR
0876 P5 Guillén, Espuna, Puigjaner* Addressing the scheduling of chemical supply chains under demand uncertainty ES
0878 P1 Ghomashchi, Arojalian, Akbari* Development of biobased materials in edible packaging IR
0879 P3 Sobgaida*, Kolesnikova Carbon sorbents for water purification from oil products RU
0880 P7 Castro*, Sanchez, Font, Fortuny, Stüber, Fabregat, Bengoa Copper catalyst by immobilising Cu(II) ions on chitosan and PVP ES
0881 B5 Eic*, Thang, Huang, On, Kaliaguine Diffusion of selected hydrocarbons in meso-structured SBA-15 and SBA-16 materials CA
0882 P5 Menshutina, Korneeva*, Gordienko, Goncharova, Guzev Drying process flowsheet design based on mathematical modeling RU
0883 G4 Lior* Energy resources and use: the present situation and possible paths to the future US
0884 P1 Akbari*, Ghomashchi Improvement of DAF unit outcome using cationic polyacrylamide as flocculant IR
0886 P3 Dueck*, Neesse, Golyk Investigation of air-core in hydrocyclone DE
0887 P1 Ghomashchi, Matloobi, Akbari* Investigation on environmental factors affecting shelf life of Cola soft drinks IR
0888 P5 Mohd Azemi*, Sabiha Hanim, Rosma Isolation of hemicelluloses from oil palm (Elaesis guineesis) fronds by autohydrolysis treatments MY
0889 P3 Ghomashchi, Zokaee Ashtiani, Akbari* Process improvement with membrane technology in the starch industry and it’s by products IR
0890 P1 Dueck*, Pylnik, Breiter Modelling waste water treatment in a biofilter DE
0891 G1 Jansen, Koppejan, Klemeš*, Bulatov Novel energy saving technologies evaluation tool UK
0892 P1 Tavares*, Reis, França Numerical and experimental study of orifice plates installed in normal and inverted position BR
0894 K4 Fuchino*, Minowa, Shimada Representation of experienced incidents to learn from the past for lifecycle safety JP
0895 P1 Tita*, Tita, Dabija Research regarding the use of coagulant enzymes of animal and fugic origin in the milks coagulation in the processing of various kinds of cheese RO
0896 P1 Kasimov, Mamedov*, Gasanov, Melikov The control of mass consumption density of liquids and gas on a main pipeline with the application of ink-jet flowmeters AZ
0897 P1 Tita*, Bulancea, Pavelescu, Martin The role of the organic acids in the evolution of the wine RO
0898 P1 Tita*, Tita, Dabija, Sion The role of the sulphure dioxide on the physico-chemical characteristics in the obtaining of the wines RO
0899 P1 Tita*, Bulancea, Martin, Pavelescu The wine stabilization regarding the excess tartaric salts RO
0900 P5 Queiroz*, Hornes, Maciel Wastewater treatment of the fishing industry by activated sludge BR
0901 H8 Lior* Water resources and desalination US
0902 P1 Finzer*, Morais, Rocha, Limaverde Purification, separation and crystallization of the citric acid from acid Rasp Tahiti BR
0906 P1 Petrovic*, Petrovic, Cupric Determination pressure and flow for different ways connections ejectors and pumps YU
0907 P7 Tishin*, Butov, Rudakova, Belousov, Krakunov, Tsapkova Optimization of synthesis sulphenamides due to effective hashing RU
0908 P7 Benissad-Aissani, Ait-Amar* A selective catalytic growth of long carbon nanotubes DZ
0909 P3 Alvarez, Cancela*, Maceiras, Navaza Absorption of carbon dioxide in aqueous solutions of alkanolamines: considerations of thermal effects ES
0910 A3 Gomes* An advanced framework for optimal operation and control of multiphase polymerisation reactors AU
0911 A4 Leyva*, Ancheyta, Rana An easy approach to estimate kinetic parameters in HDS of DBT reaction MX
0912 H1 Pavlas*, Bébar, Urban, Stehlík Analysis of utilizing energy from thermal processing of waste CZ
0914 P3 Ravi Prasad*, Srinivasa Babji, Aravind Kumar, Naidu Babu Correlation of binary VLE by GE models: Comparison of four unconstrained optimization methods IN
0915 K1 Zarguili, Maache-Rezzoug*, Loisel, Doublier Effect of instantaneous controlled pressure drop treatment on gelatinization and retrogradation properties of standard maize, wheat and potato starches FR
0916 H7 Torres Rodríguez, Bello Bugallo*, Casares Long, Rodriguez-Blas Energy and material flow analysis: application to the storage stage of clay in the roof tile manufacture ES
0917 P3 Abdenouri, Belghit*, Flamant Extraction by vaporization at high temperature of secondary metals from iron sulfide ores FR
0918 E4 Smirnov* Fluid flow and solidification processes in forging ingots during pulsating stirring of liquid core UA
0919 B6 Hu*, Xu, Yuan Foaming of polypropylene with supercritical carbon dioxide FR
0920 G7 Belghit*, Elissami, Allaf Hydrogen production by gasification of coal in moving bed reactor using nuclear heat FR
0921 P1 Torres, Santana, Perez* It plants recuperation of impurities and valuable elements from electrolytes to rule out, based on a bipolar cell, of permeable electrodes, ínter spaced by the distances of equilibrium CL
0922 B5 Quispe*, Toledo Lattice-Boltzmann permeability of sphere packs undergoing diagenesis CL
0924 I2 Pasman*, Lemkowitz, Oostendorp, Van der Torn Nationwide knowledge infrastructure to guarantee safety within framework of Seveso II and transportation requirements for hazardous materials NL
0925 D5 Zhang, Wang* Particle attrition due to rotary valve feeder in a pneumatic conveying system: electrostatics and mechanical characteristics SG
0927 D4 Gozalpour, Danesh, Al-Saleh*, Todd, Tohidi Phase behaviour modelling of perfluoromethylcyclohexane in a hydrocarbon-rich mixture UK
0928 I4 Cazacliu*, Chopin, Shell, Château, de Larrard Ready-mix value-added concrete production FR
0929 P5 Vijaya Durga, Tukaram Bai, Venkateswara Rao, Venkateswarlu* Removal of zinc from an aqueous solution with Erythrina variegata orientalis as an adsorbent IN
0930 H3 Hamel, Seidel-Morgenstern* Selectivity and yield improvement by optimised reactant dosing DE
0931 D4 Abildskov*, Janot, Christensen, Gani, Sass Solubilities of medium-sized complex chemicals in liquid solvents. Retrieval, reduction and application DK
0932 P1 Vasic*, Tasic, Bankovic-Ilic, Lazic, Veljkovic, Skala Specific interfacial area in a 16.6 cm i.d. multiphase reciprocating plate column YU
0934 P5 Ceyhan, Kuskay Celikoyan*, Ozdemir, Bulutcu The design of continuous boric acid production process from colemanite ore TR
0935 P1 Danciu*, Danciu The improvement of low quality wheat flour, using the optical radiations treatment RO
0936 P3 Velikovská*, Mikulášek The influence of Na+, Mg2+ and Al3+ on the z-potential of titanium dioxide dispersion and its microfiltration process CZ
0937 P1 Troniewski, Mydlarz-Gabryk* Upward flow patterns of the water-oil mixtures in vertical pipes PL
0938 P3 Ibjatov*, Akhmadiev, Kholpanov, Bekbulatov Calculation of filtering of dispersion mediums in tubular kettles RU
0939 P3 Kinčl*, Doleček Newtonian fluid flow in hollow fibre with porous walls CZ
0940 P7 Arandes, Torre, Castano*, Olazar, Bilbao Upgrading of polyolefin pyrolysis waxes by catalytic cracking ES
0941 P7 Arandes*, Torre, Azkoiti, Olazar, Bilbao Yields and composition of products in the upgrading of heavy coker naphtha by catalytic cracking ES
0942 A3 Arandes, Azkoiti*, Torre, Olazar, Castano Influence of catalyst properties on the cracking of polyolefin pyrolysis waxes ES
0943 K7 Binns*, Theodoropoulos A knowledge-based approach for modelling biochemical reaction network UK
0944 G2 Diaz*, Savage, Eggerth Achieving high waste diversion rates US
0945 E1 Horn*, Basařová, Hubička Computation of the interaction between bubble and stationary particle CZ
0946 I8 Costa*, Bartasson, Embirucu, Cavalcanti, Maciel Filho Empiric models development for correlation between intrinsic and final properties of LMDPE and HDPE BR
0948 H3 Gomez Prado*, Zhang, Theodoropoulos Integrated feedstock characterization, kinetic modelling and process dynamics for FCC units UK
0949 P5 Benmounah* Modelling and optimisation of preventive maintenance machines periodicity DZ
0950 P1 Šulc*, Ditl Semiempirical generalised correlation for effect of flocculation time and flocculent dosage onto flocculation CZ
0951 K8 Nasrallah*, Legrand, Bensmaili The study of the reaction of pea proteins acetylation in a torus reactor DZ
0952 I2 Perrin*, Laurent An overview of safety and loss prevention teaching in French chemical engineering education FR
0953 K6 Jones*, Santos, Baliwala, Boswell, Páca Biological air emissions control for alpha-pinene and formaldehyde for a forest product industry application with a coupled biotrickling filter and biofilter system US
0955 P1 Abdelbaki*, Bouzid, Bouali, Gaceb A mecano-fiabilistic appreach to the determinative of performances of big diameter tubes with helicoidal welding DZ
0956 P1 Wein*, Vecer, Havlica Edge effects in rotational viscometry under apparent wall slip CZ
0957 P1 Wein*, Tihon, Tovcigrecko, Sobolik Effect of insulating gaps on the dynamics of electrodiffusion friction probes CZ
0958 B2 Rud*, Mauschitz, Höflinger Electrical charging of fibre materials and its influence on the particle separation of nonwovens for cleanable dust filters AT
0959 P1 Moreira, Lima Duarte*, Nandenha, Macedo Experimental planning applied in the study of biossorption with used lubricating oils BR
0960 P3 Rezzoug*, Janocka, Mellouk, Allaf Influence of instantaneous controlled pressure drop extraction conditions on composition and oil yield from maritime pine (Pinus Pinaster). Comparison with steam distillation process FR
0961 P1 Šiška*, Simon, Machač, Surý Liquid-solid fluidization: effect of rheological behaviour of the fluid on the structure development and the expansion reduction of spherical particle bed CZ
0962 I6 Zheng, Smith, Theodoropoulos* Modelling and design of non-ideally mixed liquid-liquid batch reactor systems UK
0963 G1 Tseronis*, Kookos, Theodoropoulos Modelling and design of solid oxide fuel cells UK
0964 B5 Kaghazchi*, Madadi Yeganeh, Soleimani Preparation of activated carbon from residue of liquorices IR
0965 P3 Berrama*, Pareau, Durand Recuperation and concentration of lactic acid by liquid-liquid extraction DZ
0966 P1 Bouzid*, Bouali, Gaceb Semi-probabilistic approach to the sizing of hydrocarbons canalisation DZ
0967 P3 Hassaine-Sadi*, Sadoun Studies mechanism extraction of chromium (VI) from sulfuric acid with tri-n-octylphosphine oxide DZ
0968 P1 Danciu*, Danciu The appreciation of the resistance at breaking process of the crereals grain RO
0969 P1 Troniewski, Dyga*, Nowak The decrease of pressure drop during the flow of a three-phase mixture PL
0970 G4 Bosio*, Arato, Passalacqua, Torazza The re-use of spent MCFC stacks for CO2 segregation IT
0971 C3 Valenz*, Rejl, Linek, Moucha Vapour-and liquid-side volumetric mass transfer coefficients measured in distillation column. Comparison with data calculated from absorption correlations CZ
0972 I2 Turney* Which topics in process safety are valued following graduation. A survey of recent graduates UK
0973 P5 Dvořák*, Dudeková, Bébar, Stehlík, Oral Novel integrated unit for polluted gas cleaning CZ
0974 P3 Tizi, Bendjama*, Berrama Adsorption of aniline by a coal containing apricot cores DZ
0975 C5 Soltanieh*, Shayegh, Roosta Azad A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach to modeling of pervaporation in thin membrane channels IR
0977 C5 Schlosser*, Marták, Vlčková Application of ionic liquides in pertraction and membrane based extraction SK
0978 B5 Yaroshenko, Gona, Zub* Bitemplate synthesis of functionalized mesoporous silicas UA
0979 P1 Mokkadem, Laribi, Haciane, Sadaoui* Cadmium recovery from aqueous solutions by the physicochemical and biological processes DZ
0980 D4 Valentinyi*, Szanyi, Mizsey Investigation of the stability of the extractive heterogeneous-azeotropic distillation HU
0981 P3 Cakl*, Hrubá, Jiránková, Doleček Combined membrane processes: comparing of dead-end and cross-flow modes CZ
0982 P3 Benaissa*, Elouchdi Effect of pre-treatment on kinetics of cadmium sorption from aqueous solutions by two low-cost materials: a preliminary study DZ
0983 J4 Drioli*, Macedonio, Curcio, Di Profio Membrane-based systems for seawater desalination: analysis and comparison UK
0984 J4 Dote, Sakumoto, Inoue, Hirata* Intensification of mixing operation by reciprocating a disk impeller in a cylindrical vessel JP
0985 P3 Benaissa* Kinetic study of methylene blue sorption from aqueous solutions by a low-cost waste material: almond peel DZ
0986 A2 Deshmukh*, Choudhary Kinetics of the complete combustion of dilute methane, propane and toluene over Mn-doped ZrO2 (cubic) catalyst IN
0987 P1 Kermezli*, Hanini, Bensmaili Measurement experimental and modeling: flow of the chemical species in an anisotropic porous medium (wood) -'effect of the species of the wood' DZ
0988 P5 Krajewski*, Najzarek Metallic carriers of thin-layer catalysts for selective oxidation or incineration of volatile organic compounds PL
0989 C5 Lovász*, Mizsey, Fonyo Methodology for rigorous modelling of pervaporation in flowsheeting environment HU
0990 A3 Horáčková*, Kosek Modeling of the fragmentation of the porous catalyst carrier during catalytic polymerization of olefins CZ
0991 C6 Cséfalvay*, Imre, Mizsey Reduction of the chemical oxygen demand of pharmaceutical waste water by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis HU
0992 P3 Hamane, Bendjama* Removal of lead from aqueous solutions by the sawdust of eucalyptus DZ
0993 P5 Urbicain*, Barbieri, Elustondo Retention of aroma compounds in aromatic herbs dried with low pressure superheated steam (LPSS) AR
0994 P3 Bensmaili*, Yeddou Sawdust for color removal from synthetique dye solutions DZ
0995 C2 Steltenpohl*, Chlebovec, Graczová Separation of complex mixtures by extractive distillation SK
0996 G6 Mikulic*, Nenadovic Mikulic Stochastic modelling and the suitable operational policy resolving for defined configuration of chemical processes YU
0997 P3 Kincses*, Csuta, Szalai Structural properties of inverse magnetic fluids HU
0999 P7 Lutsenko*, Oleksenko, Telbiz The investigation of adsorption and acidic properties of Co-containing catalysts UA
1000 P5 Djati*, Brahimi Wavelet analysis of an unsteady flow in a rectangular sudden expansion DZ
1001 P7 Oleksenko, Lutsenko*, Chen C?-containing zeolite systems – active catalysts in CO oxidation UA
1002 C3 Goharrokhi*, Zahmatkesh, Kamalian A study of a de-ethanizer tower in an industrial LPG unit using the theta-method and suggesting optimum process conditions IR
1003 B7 Prasanna Kumar, King*, Prasad Biosorption of copper from aqueous solution using Ulva fasciata sp. - a marine green algae IN
1004 P1 Reis*, Tavares, França Error in measurements of the average flow at pulsate and not pulsate flowing with presence of orifice plate BR
1005 P3 Ben Amor*, Allaf Improvement of anthocyanins extraction from Hibiscus sabdariffa by coupling solvent and DIC process FR
1006 K8 Nizhegorodova*, Guseva, Menshutina, Boudrant, Goergen, Guedon, Delaunay, Fournier Modeling of L-glutamic acid thermo-induced process of continuous fermentation by Corynebacterium glutamicum 2262 RU
1007 P5 Hassani*, Hanini, Daoud, Mauret, Bouaziz, Mortha Neuronal method for calculation of axial dispersion in the fixed beds. Part I. Fixed beds of garnishings parallelepipedic DZ
1009 A8 Zhu*, Xiang, Zhu Hydrothermal synthesis of whisker-like magnesium borate hydroxide (MgBO2(OH)) nanoflakes CN
1010 D6 Kano, Yamashita, Suzuta, Saito* Optimization of ball milling and prediction of power consumption by a ball mill simulation JP
1011 C7 Savkovic-Stevanovic* A liquid-liquid extractor operation using azeotrope formation YU
1012 P3 Rohani* A new model for the activity coefficients of individual ions in aqueous electrolyte solutions IR
1013 G2 Oosthuizen* A numerical assessment of the importance of three-dimensional effects on convective heat transfer from a window covered by a very simple plane blind to a room CA
1014 G6 Faisca, Georgiadis, Pistikopoulos* A parametric programming approach to supply chains problems UK
1015 H1 Forster Carneiro, Pérez García*, Romero García, De la Rubia Bioreactor performance in dry thermophilic anaerobic digestion of MSW: a laboratory scale experiment ES
1016 E2 Vejražka*, Fujasová, Stanovsky Bubble detachment controlled by needle movement CZ
1017 C3 Vahid, Behbahani, Moshfeghian* Calculation of lean and semi-lean streams in split-flow gas sweetening US
1018 P7 Bobák*, Gregor, Kosek Catalytic polymerization: Sorption in in-situ produced polyolefin particles CZ
1019 P1 Vecer*, Šimčík, Ruzicka, Drahoš, Cartellier, Mudde Comparison of experimental techniques for measuring local properties of bubble bed CZ
1021 C3 Kencse*, Gábor, Mizsey Comprehensive investigation of energy-integrated distillation HU
1022 P3 Kazemi*, Moshfeghian Correlation of critical temperature and pressure of light hydrocarbon mixtures US
1024 P3 Gokbel*, Cesur Crystallization kinetics of mefenamic acid and polymorphism TR
1025 J2 Falk*, Commenge Characteristic times analysis for process intensification FR
1026 P1 Prozorov, Shcheglov*, Shevtsova Deactivation of silt with radioactive contamination RU
1027 P1 Mikulová*, Balabánová, Boehmová, Jirátová Deactivation of supported Pt/Al2O3 and CuMn/Al2O3 catalysts used in total oxidation of VOC CZ
1028 G6 Zheng*, Smith, Perry, Kim Design and optimisation of process utility systems UK
1029 P1 Sánchez Ramírez, Vásquez Fentanes, Santana Rodríguez, González González* Design of a tertiary system of purification for residual saline waters ES
1030 P1 Kato*, Kodama, Seki, Shinzato, Nomura Development of flash cleaner JP
1031 P3 Gregor*, Bobák, Salejová, Kosek Diffusion in the polymer foam: experiments and modeling CZ
1032 A8 Svoboda, Slouka, Lindner*, Šnita Experimental verification of potential and concentration profiles in the electrolyte diode CZ
1033 C1 Ghassemi, Moshfeghian* Economical and technological evaluation of nitrogen removal from natural gas US
1034 A8 Laredo*, Murrieta, Garcia-Gutierrez Effect of nitrogen compounds in hydrodesulfurization of straight run gas oil from a Mexican Refinery MX
1035 P3 El Guendouz*, Ferrat, Aberbache, Daoud Effect of the formulation and process factors on stability of emulsion DZ
1036 B7 Behbahani*, Atashrouz, Moshfeghian Effects of various operating parameters on the natural gas dehydration by solid desiccants US
1037 P5 Bon* Enthalpy-driven optimization of intermittent drying ES
1039 E2 Wichterle*, Machačová, Raška, Vecer Experimental study of the periodic oscillation of rising bubbles CZ
1040 P1 Vecer*, Šimčík, Ruzicka, Drahoš, Cartellier Experimental studies of coherent flow structures in shallow bubble column CZ
1041 P1 Šimčík*, Vecer, Havlica, Ruzicka, Drahoš, Cartellier Flow properties in 2D bubble column reactors: experiments vs. CFD simulations CZ
1042 P3 Avramovic*, Jonovic, Stankovic, Marinkovic Gold and palladium extraction from chloride solutions YU
1043 P5 Changiz*, Najafi, Goharrokhi How to study the urea synthesis reactor IR
1044 P3 Sovilj*, Nešic, Milovanovic Hydrodynamics and axial dispersion coefficient in packed gas absorption column: effect of liquid viscosity YU
1045 P1 Fujasová*, Havlica, Ruzicka, Drahoš Hydrodynamics of bubble-particle interactions in liquid phase CZ
1046 K2 Garrido-Castro, Pescador-Piedra, Mena-Equihua, Chanona-Perez, Farrera-Rebollo, Gutiérrez-López, Calderón-Domínguez* Image analysis and surface response methodology as tools to evaluated the effect of enzymes concentration on dough and bread quality MX
1047 P1 Vecer*, Ruzicka, Drahoš Influence of bubble size on stability of homogenous flow regime in bubbly columns CZ
1048 P1 Vecer*, Plzáková, Ruzicka, Drahoš Influence of surface active agents on transition of flow regimes in bubble columns CZ
1049 B6 Tisserand*, Calvet, Dodds Influence of water adsorption on the surface properties of alumina followed by Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) FR
1051 K3 Siménfalvi* Investigation of flow-force characteristics for spring-loaded safety valve dynamic modelling HU
1053 P1 Martinov, Dimitrov*, Hadjiev Kinetics and modelling of biofilm development on different carriers in several type bioreactors BG
1054 A1 Yang, Jeong, Choi, Chung* Manufacture and application of monolithic honeycombs made of wire-meshes for treating gaseous pollutants KR
1055 C4 Šeda*, Kosek, Pačes Mathematical modeling of electric field driven transport in porous media CZ
1056 A7 Schejbal*, Kočí, Kubíček, Marek Mathematical modelling of regeneration in diesel particulate filters CZ
1057 G6 Exler*, Banga, Egea, Antelo, Alonso Metaheuristics for integration of process and control system design ES
1058 H1 Kennedy*, Thibault, Eskicioglu, Droste Microwave pretreatment of extended aeration sequencing batch reactor (SBR) sludge to enhance anaerobic digestion CA
1059 J3 Font Freide* Mini vs. Maxi: The miniaturization and intensification of technology UK
1060 P7 Tishin*, Harritonov, Kryakunov, Rudakova, Belousov Model of the industrial morpholine synthesis reactor taking into consideration the change of the catalyst activity rating RU
1062 G6 Aller*, Kukanja Modelling of the semibatch vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization in an industrial reactor SI
1063 P5 Hassani*, Hanini, Daoud, Mauret, Correa, Ribeiro Neuronal method for calculation of axial dispersion in the fixed beds. Part II: Fixed beds of garnishings spherical DZ
1064 P5 Bouaziz*, Hanini, Bouksani New model for natural convection on an inclined plate DZ
1065 P5 Imandi, Chaduvula, Garapati* Optimization of lipase production by Yarrowia lipolytica NCIM 3589 on solid state fermentation using Doehlert experimental design IN
1066 P1 Belkas*, Benali, Abchiche, Daoud Parametric study of fluidized bed coating DZ
1067 P1 Bělina*, Mesíková, Šulcová Particle size analysis of inorganic pigments by laser diffraction CZ
1068 P1 Tkachenko*, Prozorov, Shcheglov, Nikolaevsky, Shevtsova Reagent technology of ground cleaning from Cs-137 RU
1069 B3 Tunyogi*, Simándi, Székely, Molnár, Szatzker Reverse Dutch resolution of chiral alcohol enantiomers by supercritical fluid extraction HU
1070 C3 Bart*, Kisutcza Solving problems in binary batch distillation on the computer using Mathcad US
1071 P1 Prozorov, Shcheglov, Shevtsova*, Sklifasovskaya, Guskov Sorption of Cs-137 and Sr-90 by ground RU
1072 P3 Hanini, Chitour, Boulesnam, Si-Moussa* Study and modeling of the static adsorption of phenol/biomass mycelial system DZ
1074 P1 Amara*, Bendjelida, Abchiche, Daoud Study of the mouth dispersible disintegration DZ
1075 B4 Kokindová*, Vági, Kéry, Simándi Supercritical fluid extraction of Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt., and its comparison with conventional extraction methods HU
1076 P1 Havlica*, Bunganič, Šimčík, Ruzicka, Drahoš The ability of CFD to deal with the bubble formation at an orifice CZ
1078 C4 Svoboda, Slouka*, Lindner, Šnita The effect of a fixed charge in microfluidic electrolytic membrane systems CZ
1079 P5 Oosthuizen* The effect of channel corner rounding on flow and heat transfer in a simple minichannel flow system involving two straight sections separated by a 180o bend CA
1080 P1 Acha, Cano, Elías, Barona*, Bonilla, Cacigal Thermal desorption and biofiltration applied to contaminated soils ES
1081 F6 Benzeghiba, Chikh* Thermosolutal convection in a partly multi-layered porous annular cavity DZ
1082 P3 Kato*, Kodama, Sato, Sugiyama Volumetric property and saturated pressure for carbon dioxide + methyl acetate system JP
1083 P5 Fojtu*, Polasek, Lapcik Jr. Study of acoustic properties of building materials via FEM/BEM CZ
1084 G5 Lucas Yague*, García Cubero, Bolado Rodíguez, García Encina, Gonzalez Benito, Uruena Alonso Adaptation of the chemical engineering degree to the EEE´s. Process learning methodologic and evaluation changes ES
1085 P3 Hamitouche, Berrama, Bendjama* Adsorption study of para-chlorophenol on an activated carbon from apricot stones by the method of experimental plan designs DZ
1089 P3 Mokrejs*, Janacova, Kolomaznik, Mladek, Langmaier Bath washing of MgO from the chrome sludge using diluted sulfuric acid CZ
1090 P7 Alonso del Aguila*, Boltes Espinola, Letón García, García Calvo Biodesulfurization of 4-methyldibenzothiophene by Pseudomonas putida CECT5279 in biphasic medium ES
1091 E4 Karrabi, Morra, Sechet*, Florensa, Geindreau, Martins, Cartellier Experimental investigation of biofilm growth and hydrodynamic/biomass interaction in a granular bioreactor FR
1092 H6 Miltner, Miltner, Makaruk, Harasek*, Friedl CFD simulation of a solid biomass combustor: modelling approaches for the reduction of emissions and maximisation of the thermal efficiency AT
1093 H4 Zivdar, Rahimi, Nasr Esfahani, Haghshenas Fard* Investigation of gas distribution in packed columns by CFD simulation IR
1094 P5 Soares*, Ziviani, Reis Container of transport and conservation of vaccine BR
1095 H1 Kayacan*, Dogan, Uysal Co-pyrolysis of polyethylene plastic waste and Turkish oil shale TR
1096 K7 Ziembinska*, Raszka, Stoecker, Daims, Truu, Surmacz-Górska, Miksch Denaturating gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) as a tool for monitoring temporal changes in bacterial community structure in activated sludge PL
1097 E3 Eckert, Zhang*, Gerbeth Effect of an external magnetic field on the flow in a liquid metal bubble plume DE
1098 P1 Švec*, Hrušková, Jirsa Effect of variety and planting year on wheat flour technological quality CZ
1099 E4 Ranjbaran*, Tabatabaei Experimental study of relationship between interfacial instabilities and mechanical strength of extrudate two-layer (PP/HDPE) polymer melts IR
1100 P3 Safekordi*, Aminshahidi, Meraj Extraction and processing optimization of gelatin from fish (Otolothes ruber) skin IR
1102 B3 Molnár*, Lovász, Székely, Simándi, Keszei, Fogassy Influence of added achiral compound on the resolution of (+/-)-ibuprofen via supercritical fluid extraction HU
1103 P1 Eskin*, Gordienko, Menshutina, Guseva Integrated continuous process of B. bifidum powder production RU
1104 P3 Mousa Haddadi*, Babazadeh, Kazemeini Investigation of development features of membrane cell chlor-alkali technology IR
1105 P1 Fernández, González, Pesquera, Renedo* MCM-41 materials as support for the preparation of calcium hydroxide desulfurant sorbents ES
1106 B2 Amiri* Micro- and macroscopic observations of Colloidal Gas Aphron IR
1108 B4 Nagy*, Simándi, Vági Modelling of supercritical fluid extraction of oily seeds, using the Sovová’s model HU
1109 J7 Villota, Mijangos, Varona, Parrondo* Modelling of toxic compounds generation during phenolic wastewaters oxidation with Fenton’s reagent ES
1110 I6 Gouws*, Majozi Multicontaminant wastewater minimization in batch processes using distributed storage ZA
1111 P1 Jirsa*, Hrušková, Švec Near-infrared prediction of milling and baking parameters of wheat varieties CZ
1112 P5 Hanini*, Hassani, Mauret, Daoud, Bouaziz, Mortha Neuronal method for calculation of axial dispersion in the fixed beds. Part III: Fixed beds of fibrous garnishings DZ
1113 P3 Mokrejs*, Janacova, Kolomaznik, Mladek, Langmaier Nonchemical deliming of calcium from white leather CZ
1114 P5 Babazadeh*, Mousa Haddadi, Kazemeini Pilot plant and their rule in chemical industries IR
1115 B5 Markovic*, Schlünder, Seidel-Morgenstern Pressure response method for identification of equilibrium and transport properties in porous glass membranes DE
1116 P1 Yaghmaei*, Salimi, Mousavi Some investigations on the ability of an indigenous Thiobacillus ferrooxidans, used in Bio-SR process IR
1118 P3 Radovanović*, Marković, Radovanović, Spaseska Study of chemical interaction of cross-linking CSM with NBR and CR rubber using FTIR spectroscopy MK
1119 P3 Reverchon, Antonacci* Supercritical CO2 assisted micronization of chitosan IT
1120 B4 Cossuta*, Simándi, Vági, Hohmann, Keve The extraction of Vitex agnus castus with different solvents HU
1121 F6 Choi*, Moon, Chung, Park, Kim, Lee, Hwang The onset of convective motion in an isothermally heated, horizontal fluid layer KR
1122 I6 Pattinson*, Majozi Towards the development of a new class of batch plants via the exploitation of latent storage capacity: storageless batch plants ZA
1123 P5 Mokrejs*, Janacova, Kolomaznik, Mladek, Langmaier Treatment of solid leather waste by enzymatic degradation CZ
1124 P1 Cherifi*, Hanini, Bentahar Use of loofa for waste water treatment. Static study of adsorption of the phenol/loofa system DZ
1125 P5 Suter*, Gfeller Web based e-learning with centralized coaching CH
1126 E4 Mohamed*, Benkrira An experimental study of the rheological properties of waxy oils for application to flow in pipelines LY
1127 F4 Hernández, Kafarov* Computer aided design for energy production from bioethanol by using a fuel cell system CO
1128 P1 Kuo* Critical coagulation concentration for a suspension of cation-absorptive biocolloids TW
1129 P5 Rahli, Bouhadef* Effect of heat and mass buoyancy convection in a partially porous cavity DZ
1130 E3 Saboni*, Alexandrova, Gourdon Effect of the viscosity ratio on mass transfer from a fluid sphere FR
1131 P1 Jindra*, Slouka, Přibyl, Šnita Electroosmosis in chemical microsystems: mathematical modelling and development of techniques to experimental research CZ
1132 P3 Kuo*, Lin Electrophoretic mobility, zeta potential, and fixed charge density of bovine knee chondrocytes, methylmethacrylate-sulfopropylmethacrylate, polybutylcyanoacrylate, and solid lipid nanoparticles TW
1134 A6 Hanika*, Jiřičný, Kolena, Lederer, Staněk, Stavárek, Tukač Intensification, safe operation and control of industrial trickle bed reactors CZ
1135 I5 Mall*, Srivastava Life cycle assessment and its role in sustainable development of pulp and paper industry IN
1136 E3 Orvalho*, Santana, Alves, Vasconcelos Mass transfer enhancement in a gas-liquid-liquid system PT
1137 P3 Marinkovic*, Korac, Kamberovic Optimization of arsenic behavior during concentrate roasting process YU
1138 P3 Zub*, Dudarko, Melnyk, Barczak, Dabrowski Peculiarities of synthesis of mesoporous silicas with residues of some phosphoric acids UA
1139 P3 Dias, Pereira, Pontes*, Embirucu, Costa Polymer solution liquid-liquid equilibria: activity coefficient models comparison BR
1140 P3 Omidkhah*, Nikookar, Pazuki, Emadi Prediction of phase behavior of asphaltene precipitation in crude oil by the modified Wilson model IR
1141 P7 Ha, Park, Lee*, Lee, Kim Process for the preparation of hexafluoropropylene oxide KR
1142 P1 Safekordi*, Abed Pour Production of potato powder and survey its shelf life condition IR
1143 P1 Cherifi, Bouhadef*, Bouzelba, Zitoun Numerical resolution of a linear free surface waves problem with an artificial viscosity DZ
1144 P1 Srinivasakannan*, Balasubramaniam Right choice of experimental method for conversion of sawdust to activated carbon MY
1145 P3 Jonovic*, Trujic, Avramovic, Mladenovic Silver and gold obtained by hydrometallurgical method from deselenized anode slime YU
1146 P3 Yousefi, Vossoughi*, Alemzadeh, Irajizad Some investigation on absorbtion kinetics of DNA on gold IR
1147 P3 Safekordi*, Alihosseini, Bastani, Taghikhani, Ordookhani Sorption kinetics of oil spill by sorbent mineral material (expanded perlite) IR
1148 B4 Mikenin*, Yermakova, Anikeev, Chibiryaev Supercritical water oxidation of organic compounds RU
1149 G5 Laukkanen* Web based elearning toolkits in knowledge and performance support in process industry - a case study FI
1150 E7 Knoetze*, Terblanche, Louw The effect of mixing intensity and mixer type on the emulsification of an organic-in-water emulsion ZA
1151 P3 Nagy*, Boda Monte Carlo simulation of absorption of ions into a dielectric cylindrical nanopore HU
1152 B3 Zeković*, Lepojević, Mujić SFE of PMT mixture by supercritical CO2 YU
1153 P1 Didenko*, Mishina, Menshutina, Matasov Virtual laboratory for the purpose of education in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical technology RU
1154 P5 Hansen*, Nunez Electrocoagulation in wastewaters containing arsenic. Comparing different reactor design CL
1155 P1 Nunez*, Hansen, Jil Arsenic removal from copper smelter wastewater by electrocoagulation in an airlift reactor. Scale up and industrial design CL
1156 P1 Hansen*, Rojo, Ribeiro, Mateus The use of Lessonia nigrescens as biosorbant for arsenic(V) removal CL
1157 P3 Angelov*, Guiraud, Prat CFD study on the hydrodynamics of two-phase turbulent flow in pulsed extraction columns: Influence of the operational conditions on stage hold-up BG
1158 P3 Cicéron, Garcia, Saboni, Alexandrova* Drinking water treatment by nanofiltration: membrane choice FR
1159 P5 Rojo*, Hansen, Ottosen Electrodialytic remediation of copper mine tailings. Effects of different operational conditions CL
1163 A1 Aguayo*, Erena, Sierra, Arandes, Bilbao A study on the techniques for monitoring the reduction of bifunctional catalysts used in the single-step synthesis of dimethyl ether ES
1165 P5 Dadali*, Demirhan, Apar, Özbek Colour change kinetics of okra and spinach during microwave drying TR
1171 K5 Chirwa* A diversity model for simultaneous Cr(VI) removal and phenol degradation in an anaerobic consortium of bacteria ZA
1172 P1 Yukhymenko*, Veremii, Slyusarenko, Chernyak, Naumov, Zrazhevskij Air and ethanol mix combustion assisted by plasma of the transverse arc UA
1173 P1 Sheng*, Ting, Pekhonen Direct measurement of interactive forces on the components of biofilm using atomic force microscopy SG
1174 P3 Nobre, Pessoa*, Palavra, Mendes Supercritical CO2 extraction of lycopene from tomato industrial waste BR
1175 P5 Mokrejs*, Mladek, Kolomaznik, Langmaier, Janacova Verification of efficiency of chrome liquor prepared from the chrome cake after enzyme hydrolysis of shavings for tanning of white-hide from pigskin CZ
1176 P3 Chahboub*, Chergui, Bakhiti, Selatnia, Junter Biosorption of Pb+2 ions from aqueous solution by a Pleurotus mutilus biomass DZ
1177 E7 Lo* CFD modelling of particle suspension in a stirred vessel UK
1178 P3 Vasserman, Malchevsky* Equations of state for refrigerant mixtures R125/R290 and R134a/R290 UA
1179 P3 Legido, Pineiro, Vijande, Valencia, Mourelle*, García Measurement and analysis of the density and surface tension variation with temperature for n-nonane + 1-pentanol mixtures ES
1180 P7 Alimardanov, Veliyeva*, Abbasov, Sadigova, Suleymanova Kinetic regularities of liquid phase oxidation reaction of norbornene into norcamphor in the presence of chrome carboxylates AZ
1182 H3 Watts* The application of micro reactors for chemical synthesis UK
1183 G8 Banava, Pilavachi*, Vrakas Analysis of steam systems GR
1184 F2 Pontes*, Maciel Filho, Embirucu Modeling and simulation of ethylene and 1-butene copolymerization in solution with Ziegler-Natta Catalyst BR
1185 P1 Bouzid*, Bouali, Gaceb Working safety of big diametre conducts DZ
1186 P1 Vrtovšek*, Roš Comparative evaluation of wastewater treatment in the SBR based on biokinetic parameters SI
1187 J5 Gao, Chen*, Yu Efflorescence of aerosols: theory and experiments SG
1188 P5 Pařízek*, Bébar, Urban, Stehlík Importance of monitoring of incineration process for meeting emission limits CZ
1189 J2 Kodým*, Bystroň, Lapicque, Bouzek Mathematical model of secondary current density distribution in the segmented thin-gap flow-through electrosynthesis cell CZ
1190 J2 Křišťál*, Havlica, Jiřičný Optimization of thin-gap reactor geometry for one-phase flow using CFD simulations CZ
1191 P1 Zárubová*, Ksandová, Filip, Šmidrkal, Piska Physical properties of model fat blends CZ
1192 I5 Ucekaj*, Boráň, Houdková, Stehlík Processing of sludge from pulp production CZ
1193 H6 Kishida, Jin*, Moriya, Enomoto Production of lactic acid from glycerine by alkaline hydrothermal reaction with respect to BDF production JP
1194 P1 Ahmad*, Puasa Reactive dye removal using micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration and recovery of surfactant MY
1195 A2 Kočí*, Štěpánek, Kubíček, Marek Simulation study on micro/nano-scale concentration and temperature gradients in porous supported catalysts CZ
1196 P3 Ahmad*, Leo, Shukor Synthesis of thin ceramic layer with bimodal pore size distribution MY
1197 K5 Kittel* The future role of ETBE and alkylate in reformulation of gasoline in the Czech Republic CZ
1198 P7 Kocsisová*, Juhasz, Cvengroš Vegetable oil hydrolysis in subcritical water SK
1199 J2 Křišťál*, Havlica, Jiřičný Visualization of two-phase flow in thin-gap microreactor CZ
1200 E7 Jahoda*, Moštěk, Bauer CFD prediction of liquid homogenization in agitated gas-liquid tanks CZ
1201 A5 Konishi*, Saitoh, Nomura, Nagamine Kinetic models of the bioleching of sulfide mineral in stirred tank reactors operated in a variety of modes JP
1202 P7 Brozek*, Domlatil, Mastny, Srank, Janca, Elias Photocatalytic properties of plasma treated tungsten oxide CZ
1203 P5 Brozek*, Domlatil Spray drying of multi-component suspensions with different density CZ
1204 P1 Bilgesü*, Altin Hydrogenation of liquid pyrolysis products of polyethylene waste TR
1205 A7 Staněk*, Hanika, Jiřičný, Tukač, Stavárek A mathematical model of catalytic hydrogenation reactor under periodic variation of the feed rate CZ
1206 C7 Kainulainen*, Haakana, Turunen, Lahtinen, Takala, Ruonala A novel reaction system for leaching of zinc sulphide concentrates FI
1207 J5 Lassi*, Ojala, Heikkinen, Ainassaari, Keiski A pilot-scale study of odour abatement from condense water samples at a rendering plant FI
1208 P3 Mahramanlioglu*, Guclu, Caliskan Adsorption of As (III) from aqueous solutions by the adsorbents produced from coal mining wastes TR
1209 P3 Caliskan*, Mahramanlioglu Adsorption of fluoride from aqueous solutions by acid treated activated carbon TR
1210 P3 Mahramanlioglu*, Bicer, Ozgen, Caliskan Adsorption of strontium on the adsorbents produced from used tires TR
1211 P3 Mahramanlioglu, Bicer, Caliskan* Adsorption of thiram by the adsorbents produced from contaminated soil TR
1212 C4 Tishchenko*, Šimůnek, Hodrová Affinity chitin/chitosan composite membranes in separation of chitinolytic enzymes CZ
1213 J1 Brewis* An overview of process intensification technology within AstraZeneca UK
1214 P5 Saboohi*, Eslami, Shaygan Analysis of Caspian integrated energy system and application of CES (Caspian Energy System) IR
1215 P1 Orvalho*, Fialová, Fujasová, Drahoš, Ruzicka Application of dynamic pressure step method for kLa measurement in bubble column CZ
1216 H7 Halasz, Zachhuber, Narodoslawsky* Beyond processes - application of process synthesis to optimising regional economies AT
1217 P1 Shayegan*, Alavian Biocracking of residue of atmospheric distillation IR
1219 P1 Smirnov*, Krotova, Beletskaya Catalytic conversion of carbon tetrachloride in reaction with methane RU
1220 P1 Luňáček, Meluzín*, Dohnal Common sense reasoning and predictions of political risks as the vaguest element of investment related risks CZ
1221 P1 Jurado Alameda*, Bravo Rodriguez, Vicaria, García López, Fernández-Arteaga Comparison of different emulsifier agents on the preparation of triolein and tributyrin O/W emulsions ES
1222 P5 Jiménez, Kafarov*, Nunez Computer aided selection of suitable catalysts for industrial hydrodemetallation process based on Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic and Statistics tools CO
1223 I1 Lassi*, Ojala, Heikkinen Challenges and opportunities in thesis supervision - Experiences obtained in chemical engineering education in Finland FI
1225 P3 Gonzalez Benito*, Mato, García Cubero, Diez Demineralization and decolorization of sugar solutions by ion-exchange resins. Study of the operating and regenerating stages ES
1226 P1 Cerovsky*, Cizkova, Voldrich, Smutny Deodorisation of tripe by pressurised cooking CZ
1227 B2 Tsubaki*, Ochirhuyag, Atou, Mori, Choi, Sugimoto Development of a high performance cake-less continuous filtration system JP
1228 J7 Banihashemi, Alavi Moghaddam*, Maknoun, Nikazar Development of a predictive model for coagulation/flocculation process for turbidity removal of Tehran water treatment plants IR
1230 J3 Prat*, Sarrazin, Gourdon Droplets velocity changes in micro channels FR
1232 P7 Lee*, Yang, Lee Effect of hydrogen on the ethylene polymerization with metallocene catalyst in hexane KR
1233 J5 Bunyakan*, Kaewchada, Korpanlert, Chesoh Effect of pH salt and soluble surfactant on VOCs volatilization from water TH
1234 C4 Cílová*, Bouzek, Paidar, Schauer Influence of the degree of sulfonation on electrochemical performance of the novel heterogeneous membrane on the base of poly(1,4-phenylene sulfide) CZ
1235 P7 Supphasrirongjaroen*, Praserthdam Effect of quenching medium on photocatalytic activity of nano-sized TiO2 prepared by solvothermal method TH
1236 A1 Praserthdam*, Suriye Effect of the calcine condition on surface structure of titania nanocrystal photocatalyst TH
1237 P7 Zámostný*, Bělohlav, Starkbaumová Employing Pyr-GC apparatus for catalyst screening CZ
1238 G2 Jelínek, Luťcha* Energy saving by application of internally heat integrated distillation column (HIDiC) concept CZ
1239 P1 Wolny*, Stepniak Evaluation of dewaterability of sewage sludge conditioned with ultrasounds PL
1240 P1 Effati, Shahghasemi, Ganjidoust, Alavi Moghaddam* Evaluation of subsurface constructed wetlands performance for municipal wastewater treatment IR
1241 F7 Debaste*, Dubois, Halloin Experimental study and modelling of the evaporation in capillary tubes simulating a porous media BE
1243 P1 Bravo Rodriguez, Jurado Alameda*, Martínez Gallegos, Reyes Requena, García López Formation of complexes between two non-ionic surfactants and potato starch ES
1244 P5 Sabadi, Dohnal* Fuzzy mass balances of sugar factory flowsheets CU
1245 P3 Straka*, van Genderen, Růžička, Růžička Heat capacities of seven branched pentanols CZ
1246 D3 Zábranský, Kolská*, Růžička Heat capacity of liquids: critical review and recommended values for pure liquids. Update and amendment CZ
1247 P3 Dohnal*, Plesek High porosity hollow fiber membranes for contactors CZ
1248 P3 Behnam*, Safari, Mehrnia High-capacity adsorbent based on molecular sieving carbon membranes with nanopore channels for effective CO2 separation from gas mixtures containing CO2 and H2O AU
1249 P1 Jurado Alameda*, Bravo Rodriguez, Vicaria, Luzón, Galvez How to teach correct design learning from real accidents occurred in chemical engineering industries. An experience in the university ES
1250 P3 Tishchenko*, Pientka, Bastl, Dybal, Brus, Bleha Hybrid chitosan membranes in gas and liquid separations CZ
1251 E2 Stanovsky*, Vejražka, Ruzicka, Drahoš Hydrodynamic interactions of bubbles rising in vertical arrangement CZ
1252 C1 Jiřičný*, Stavárek, Staněk, Hanika, Vychodilová Hydrodynamics of two phase pulse flow in packed bed apparatus CZ
1253 P5 Houdková*, Boráň, Ucekaj, Stehlík Impact of sewage sludge dewatering on economic and environmental balance of high capacity waste water treatment plant CZ
1254 P5 Jiménez, Kafarov*, Nunez Inhibitory study and trickle bed reactor modeling for joint reactions of hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation and hydrodearomatization during the hydrotreating of vacuum gas oils CO
1255 P1 Nedjhioui*, Canselier, Moulai-Mostefa, Bensmaili, Skender Interactions between polymer and surfactant and their effects on interfacial and rheological properties DZ
1256 P7 Raoof, Eliassi*, Taghizadeh Investigation of catalyst deactivation in dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether (DME) IR
1257 E5 Zhao* Investigations of strongly swirling flows in symmetrical double inlet cyclone by CFD simulation CN
1258 J6 Dadkhah* Kinetics of PAHs removal from soil by single stage hot water extraction and wet oxidation IR
1259 C4 Dohnal*, Tvaruzek Kink of hollow fiber membranes – membrane contactors CZ
1260 I8 Lavric, Konnov, Rybitskaya, De Ruyck*, Lavric Laminar flames characterization through residence time distribution analysis BE
1261 P5 Meluzín, Luňáček*, Vícha, Dohnal Macroeconomical parameters and large investments into process industries – qualitative models CZ
1263 J5 Bunyakan, Chungsiriporn*, Seetapong Mass transfer model for prediction of VOCs emission from open channel TH
1264 H5 Ayatollahi, Saber, Amani, Bitaab* Mathematical investigation of effective thermal conductivity in fractured porous media IR
1265 C5 Hong*, Lin, Jiao Mathematical model and experiment for permeation of hydrogen through palladium membrane in a catalytic membrane reactor TW
1266 E4 Mousavi*, Yaghmaei, Jafari, Zamankhan Modeling of liquid-gas flow through porous media: application in metal recovery FI
1267 J2 Roos*, Hüther, Becht, Braum Nano PMMA particles via miniemulsion polymerization DE
1268 P1 Zhao*, Chen Nonionic surfactant and temperature effects on the viscosity of hydrophobically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose solutions SG
1269 F6 Lai, Kou*, Lee, Wang Optimum thermal analysis of a heat sink with various fin cross sections by adjusting fin aspect ratio TW
1271 P7 Djouder, Laoufi, Bentahar* Photodegradation of phenol in fixed bed reactor using TiO2 immobilized catalyst DZ
1272 K5 Bagheri*, Liauw Poly (propylene) nano silicate composites: analysis of the various factors effects on melt mixing and flow rate IR
1273 P3 Hwang*, Kim, Chang, Kim, Kim Prediction of recovery based on solubility parameter value of anti-solvent in drowning-out of proteins KR
1274 P1 Lehnert*, Brányik, Vicente, Dostálek, Teixeira Preliminary optimization study of alcohol-free beer production in a continuous immobilized cell reactor system CZ
1275 P3 Wang*, Fu, Lin, Yu, Zhu Preparation of chiral selective cation-exchange membrane and application in electrodialysis separation of DL-4-hydroxyphenylglycine CN
1276 H6 Indacoechea Vega*, Bolado Rodíguez, García Cubero, Díez Antolinez Pre-treatment processes of lignocellulosic material for bioethanol conversion. Preliminary results of ozonolysis pre-treatment ES
1277 P3 Hejtmánek*, Čapek, Brabec, Zikánová, Kočiřík Processing images of thin sections for 3D reconstruction of porous solids CZ
1278 P7 Elordi*, López, Arabiourrutia, Olazar, Aguado, Bilbao Product distribution in the catalytic pyrolysis of high density polyethylene on a HY zeolite catalyst ES
1279 P3 Wang*, Wang, Yu, Zhu PVA membrane containing beta-cyclodextrin for dialysis separation of DL-4-hydroxyphenylglycine CN
1280 P7 Wang*, Chian Pyrolysis kinetics of catalytic sugarcane bagasse TW
1281 P5 Vícha*, Dohnal Qualitative analysis of chaotic behaviors of complex systems – identification of all possible scenarios CZ
1282 P5 Dohnal, Dohnalová, Kučerová* Qualitative integration of shallow knowledge of economics and deep engineering know-how by information degradation CZ
1283 J7 Akbari*, Shayegan Reactive ???three dimensional simulation of hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater transport IR
1284 C6 van der Gun, Neomagus*, Robinson, Bruinsma Recovery of nickel from acidic spent electrolyte by nanofiltration ZA
1285 F6 Lai, Kou, Lee* Recursive formulation on thermal analysis of an annular fin with variable thermal properties TW
1286 C1 Stavárek*, Jiřičný, Staněk, Hanika, Vychodilová Residence time distribution of the non-water liquid in two-phase co-current trickle bed reactor CZ
1287 P1 Severa*, Žitný Rheometric method of identifying the rheological parameters of non-Newtonian fluids CZ
1289 G5 Narodoslawsky*, Sandholzer Software supported modular course system for practitioners in the field of renewable resource utilisation AT
1290 A6 Tukač*, Šimíčková, Chyba, Lederer, Kolena, Hanika Styrene and dicyclopentadiene hydrogenation on “egg - shell” type palladium catalyst in trickle-bed reactor: Model and experiment CZ
1291 P7 Eliassi*, Savadkoohi, Kargari Temperature variations in adiabatic fixed bed reactor for production of dimethyl ether (DME) from methanol IR
1292 B7 Mahramanlioglu* The adsorption of beta-picolin on the adsorbents produced from spent bleaching earth TR
1293 P1 Palarcik*, Svoboda The influence of chemical composition of titanium white on zeta potential CZ
1294 P1 Stepniak*, Wolny The influence of ultrasounds on the removal of organic compounds from water PL
1295 P5 Elsässer*, Houdková, Boráň, Sponar, Stehlík Thermal dependences of physical aspects of sewage sludge CZ
1296 P5 Skočilas*, Žitný Thermal pressure forming of food materials CZ
1297 P5 Gómez Díaz*, Velo, Puigjaner Thermokinetic characterization of an herbaceous crop pyrolysis by differential scanning calorimetry ES
1298 H4 Zhang*, Deen, Kuipers Three-fluid modelling of the heterogeneous flow in bubble columns NL
1299 E5 Gotaas*, Wrobel, Time, Jakobsen, Svendsen Ultrasonic measurements of falling liquid films in high pressure systems NO
1300 D4 Růžička*, Fulem, Růžička Vapour pressures for compounds of technological and environmental interests by static method CZ
1301 P5 Buřič*, Klíč Curvilinear travelling waves in reaction-diffusion systems CZ
1302 P1 Borovski*, Derevenko, Demjanenko, Gorbachev Intelligence process control system at small processing enterprises RU
1303 F3 Horváth*, Mizsey Investigation of controllability of systems with recycle HU
1304 E5 Siyakatshana*, Kudrna, Machoň Stochastic modeling of fluid flow in batch systems using the velocity equation CZ
1305 F4 Hanus*, Janovska Discontinuous, piecewise–smooth dynamical systems CZ
1307 P5 Dudeková*, Bébar, Jecha, Stehlík Influence of operating parameters on absorptive flue gas cleaning process CZ
1308 G5 Chirwa* Diversifying learning in a previously segregated education system through web supported classroom tools ZA
1309 P7 Mastny*, Srank, Kalouskova, Hlavsa Influence of nanometric titanium dioxide on the thermal and light stability of PVC CZ
1310 G3 Kaggerud*, Gundersen New application for process integration; life cycle assessment (LCA) NO
1311 P5 Hříbková*, Kohoutek Optimized design of convection sections of petrochemical industrial furnaces CZ
1312 I6 Janssens-Maenhout*, Dechamp, Dzbikowicz Advanced solution monitoring: real-time analysis IT
1313 P5 Mirre, Santos*, Delgado, Pessoa Application of WSD procedure to petroleum industry BR
1314 P5 López*, Altzibar, Olazar, San José, Alvarez Drying of fine sand in a draft-tube conical spouted bed ES
1315 P7 Bělohlav*, Zámostný, Eckert, Vaněk, Herink Evaluation of atmospheric gas oil properties using pyrolysis modeling CZ
1316 P3 Borovski*, Pavelko, Tischenko, Shulegina Functional and structural analysis and simulation in CO2-extracts quality management RU
1317 E5 Kysela*, Ditl Investigation of particle size distribution in s-l system measured by image analysis CZ
1318 I5 Zmierczak*, Miller Catalytic conversion of lignin to liquid bio-fuels US
1319 E3 Scargiali, Salvaggio, Grisafi, Brucato* CFD simulation of gas-liquid hydrodynamics in a rectangular air–lift loop reactor IT
1320 P1 Rosa, Gonzalez, Suppen, Contreras* Combination of life cycle assessment and process analysis method in the soft drink production CU
1321 P1 Rosa, Contreras*, Dewulf, Van Langengove, Santos Comparison of conventional and organic sugar production in Cuba by using life cycle assessment CU
1322 H1 Pranghofer* Control of fine particulate matter, especially PM2.5 , by means of high effciency ePTFE membrane filter laminates DE
1323 P1 Ramírez-Wong*, González-Segura, López-Ayala, Manthey, Torres Characterization of the dynamic viscoelastic behavior of semolina doughs obtained from Mexican durum wheat cultivars MX
1324 P1 Borovski*, Naidenko Development of intelligence control system for agricultural products storage in controlled atmosphere RU
1325 H8 Seferlis*, Klemeš, Bulatov, Koltsova, Kapustenko, Soboleva Development of sustainable processes for waste utilisation in phosphoric acid industry UK
1326 P7 Vasco de Toledo, Morais, Mariano, Melo, Meyer, Oswaldo Cárdenas Concha, Maciel Filho* Dynamic models of industrial HDT reactor BR
1327 I8 Pontes*, Maciel Filho, Embirucu Dynamic parameter estimation in polymerization process BR
1328 P7 Pešek*, Schreiberová, Schreiber Dynamical behavior arising from mutual interaction in mass-transfer coupled CSTRs with a nonlinear complex reaction CZ
1329 P1 Contreras*, Rosa, Dewulf, Vanlangenhove, Santos Environmental comparison of sugar production alternatives in Cuba by integrating the use of liquid and solid wastes to agricultural stage by means of Eco-indicator 99 CU
1330 H6 Bertok*, Friedler, Liu, Fan, Seib Evaluating new technologies by process synthesis: illustration with biochemical production of butanol, ethanol, and acetone HU
1331 P5 Nagy*, Bertok, Friedler, Lee, Fan, Shafie Exploring mechanisms leading to robust biochemical systems HU
1332 A5 Kawakami*, Abe, Urakawa, Sakai, Ono, Ijima Fabrication of a silica monolith micro-bioreactor entrapping highly activated lipase by a two-step sol-gel method JP
1333 P5 Lazarević* Finite time stability of nonlinear fractional order time delay systems: new results YU
1335 P5 Sponar*, Stehlík Mathematical model of waste heat boiler in thermal processing of waste applications CZ
1336 P7 Kostova*, Spojakina, Godocikova, Balaz, Jirátová Mechanochemical activation of CoMo/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for thiophene hydrodesulfurization BG
1337 C4 Sirkar* Membranes, interfaces and separations: Novel processes and techniques - an overview US
1338 P5 Higa*, Silva, Ávila, Pessoa Minimization of water consumption on cooling towers trhough mass and energy balances BR
1339 H4 Bumbac*, Plesu, Isopescu, Ivanescu, Simion Modeling and simulation of a reactive dividing wall column for gasoline additive ethers synthesis in the oil refinery RO
1342 G7 Markowski*, Korzybski, Urbaniec Neural network assisted scheduling of heat exchanger cleaning PL
1343 E3 Scargiali, Russo, Grisafi, Brucato* On the measurement of mass transfer coefficient kLa in gas-liquid contactors via oxygen concentration dynamics IT
1344 P1 Břenková*, Bělohlav, Durdil, Eliášová, Hanika, Jašprová, Tomášek, Zámostný Particles segregation in pharmaceutical mixtures for direct tablets compression CZ
1345 K3 Hamburger*, Tripathi, Murthy, Habip Prevention of explosion occurrence in a compressor room using numerical simulation of methane leakage and deflagration FR
1346 P7 Starkbaumová*, Bělohlav, Zámostný, Katreniaková Primary reactions and products of hydrocarbon pyrolysis CZ
1347 A8 Kalauz*, Bertok, Friedler, Fan Reaction pathway identification: relations of methods based on graph theory and linear algebra HU
1348 P3 Hábová, Moravec*, Melzoch, Rychtera Recovery of lactic acid by repeated batch electrodialysis CZ
1349 P5 Sponar*, Stehlík Simple computational tool for calculation of rotary kilns for waste treatment CZ
1350 P7 Hadač*, Nevoral, Schreiber, Marek Stoichiometric network analysis of complex dynamics in a model of catalytic oxidation of CO and hydrocarbons CZ
1353 G7 Picón Núnez*, Morales Fuentes, Vázquez Ramírez The effect of network arrangement on the heat transfer area of cooling networks MX
1354 P1 Torres*, Vazquez-Moreno, Carvajal-Millan, Gardea-Vejar Thermal stability and surface hydrophobicity of gluten proteins MX
1355 P3 Moravec*, Melzoch, Rychtera, Dvořák, Cunha Thermophilic waste water treatment CZ
1356 P5 Eckert*, Vaněk, Bělohlav, Zámostný Characterization of complex mixtures for ANN modeling of pyrolysis with incomplete data CZ
1357 P3 Medina*, Mourelle, Meijide, Legido, Pozo, Carretero, Salgado Study on thermal properties of mixtures of clays with water for applications in pelotherapy ES
1358 E1 Schaub*, Burgold, Sommerfeld Bubble motion in grid turbulence DE
1359 P5 Bessarabov, Zhdanovich, Ponomarenko, Koltsova* CALS-technologies in the industry of chemical reagents and special-purity substances RU
1360 P3 Kim*, Kim Ibuprofen racemate separation by simulated moving bed KR
1362 E6 Wang*, Lu, Li Multiscale simulation of spatial and temporal structures in multiphase reactors CN
1363 P5 Nekvasil*, Vejvoda Thermal damage of T-junction in chemical industry CZ
1365 H2 Mikulec, Miškove* Catalytic and thermal cracking of selected polyolefins SK
1366 K5 Kocsisová, Paligová, Mikulec*, Cvengroš Processes for ME production from acidic triacylglycerols SK
1367 P5 Kilkovský*, Boráň, Straňák, Houdková, Jegla, Stehlík Research and development of heat exchanger “water-sludge” and heat exchanger “flue gas-sludge” CZ
1368 P5 Dias*, Silva, Assis Plant wide simulation using the free chemical process simulator Sim42: natural gas separation and reforming BR
1369 P1 Gouvea, Casella, Jorge* Portfolio: a tool for the accommodation of the new scientific concepts BR
1370 P3 Žitka, Schauer* Heterogeneous and homogeneous ion-exchange membranes based on sulfonated poly(phenylene oxide) CZ
1372 P3 Bogdanić*, Vuković Estimation of the segmental interaction parameters of polymer blends based on styrene and 2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide derivatives HR
1373 P1 Sánchez*, Bravo Rodriguez, Martínez, Cotes Influence of the sulphuric acid concentration in the hydrolysis of sunflower stalks ES
1374 E6 Maffia*, Kurniawan Biodiesel from elutriated meat and bone meal US
1375 K8 Winkelman*, Maffia Crosslinked, lyophilzed collagen for the manufacture of porous matrices US
1376 B5 Bartkova*, Kluson, Šolcová, Cajthaml Low temperature preparation of functional titanium (IV) oxide thin layers CZ
1377 P1 Makhlouf, Rondags, Fournier*, Marc Modelling of aroma production in lactic fermentation FR
1378 P3 Dohnal* Sprayed inorganic and organic membranes CZ
1379 G5 Josceanu*, Onofrei, Isopescu, Plesu, Zelch Technology-pedagogy relationship in developing e-learning systems for chemical engineering education RO
1381 K1 Sun*, Wang Computer vision determination of melting, browning and oiling-off characteristics of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses as affected by baking conditions IE
1382 P5 Reyes*, Moyano, Paz Drying of potato slices in a pulsed fluidized bed CL
1383 P5 Cinquanta*, Cuccurullo, Farina, Di Matteo Infrared thermography for improving lemon surface drying and shelf life IT
1384 H5 Clayton*, Wheeler, Hoadley Investigation of pore destruction in the compression dewatering of biomaterials AU
1385 I3 Varbanov*, Klein, Repke, Wozny Optimal startup of mass- and heat-integrated two-column distillation systems DE
1387 I7 Söderman* Structural and operational optimisation of district cooling networks FI
1388 H7 Sandholzer*, Narodoslawsky Sustainable ? processes from renewable resources AT
1389 J8 Derco*, Dudáš, Jakubčová, Lukáčová, Almásiová Transformation of surplus activated sludge by ozone SK
1390 C6 Pientka*, Bélafi-Bako, Bleha Biohydrogen production, separation and storage for energetics CZ
1391 H5 Goula*, Karapantsios, Adamopoulos Characterization of tomato pulp stickiness during spray drying GR
1392 P3 Přidal*, Přidal, Urban Laboratory instrumentation for photocatalysis and membrane separation CZ
1393 F7 Vives, Maffia* Manufacture of collagen nanofibrils and associated applications US
1396 H5 Chen*, Wang Freeze drying of mannitol aqueous solution with dielectric-material-assisted microwave heating HK
1397 G5 Šarlej*, Petr, Jegla, Stehlík Heat transfer processes CZ
1398 E8 Bouchal*, Hadjsadok, Daoud Interactions mannitol - povidone K30 study and their effects on rheological and pharmacotechnical properties of an freeze dried medicine DZ
1399 G4 Kremleva*, Kolesnichenko, Teleshev Low temperature activation of CO2 in the presence of rhodium complexes modified by phosphor organic ligands RU
1400 I6 Majozi*, Holczinger, Adonyi, Friedler Maximization of throughput over a fixed time horizon using a recently developed S-graph approach: A pharmaceuticals case study ZA
1401 B6 Hudec*, Nociar, Horňáček, Jakubík, Smiešková, Bartková Microporous solid acids as active and selective catalysts for alkylation of aromatics in liquid phase SK
1402 H5 Go, Das, Srzednicki* Modelling of moisture and temperature profile of wheat during drying in a triangular spouted bed dryer AU
1403 G8 Shah, Hoadley* Shaftwork targeting gas phase cryogenic systems with power recovery from surplus cold streams AU
1405 G4 Alva-Argaez*, Savulescu, Hammache Water-energy management in oil sands industry. A process integration perspective CA
1406 P3 Hudec*, Smiešková Standard isotherms for t-plot method measured for SiO2, Al2O3 and Al2O3-SiO2 nonporous solids SK
1407 P3 Peter*, Khalyavina, Bleha Nanocomposite gas separation membranes based on the novel hyperbranched polyimides and aluminophosphate CZ
1408 P7 Mamedova, Veliyeva* Application of mathematician methods for researching of mechanisms of petrochemical processes AZ
1409 H6 Goula*, Karapantsios, Adamopoulos A new centrifugal technique to characterize the sticking properties of tomato pulp during drying GR
1410 P1 James*, Evans, James A review of the performance of domestic refrigeration UK
1411 P1 Foster, Evans, James* Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to retail display and storage of food UK
1412 P1 Piskovský*, Hájek, Stehlík Computational fluid dynamics simulation of venturi wet scrubber CZ
1413 P1 Purnell, Foster, James* Development of an atmospheric steam surface pasteurisation unit UK
1415 I5 Savulescu*, Poulin, Alva-Argaez, Bedard Direct heat transfer analysis. Towards improving energy efficiency in pulp and paper kraft mills CA
1416 G6 Lawrence*, Pantelides Dynamic modelling of hydrate formation and its inhibition in oil and gas production wells and pipelines UK
1417 P3 Gholizadeh*, Razavi, Mousavi Gas permeability measurement in polyethylene and its copolymer films IR
1419 K1 Di Lorenzo*, Pirozzi, Greco Jr. Improvement of lipase stability in oleochemical reactors IT
1420 H2 Starý, Novotná*, Václavek Integration of cooling and process water circuits CZ
1421 J4 Giorno*, Zhang, D'Amore, Piacentini, Mazzei, Drioli Kinetic resolution of racemic compounds and mass transfer performance in two-separate phase enzyme membrane reactors IT
1422 E5 Wouahbi, Havlica, Allaf, Sobolik* Mapping of Couette-Taylor flow by electrodiffusion method FR
1424 P7 Mamadova*, Farzaliyev, Veliyeva, Babayev Optimization of the process of phenol ortho-alkylation with styrene AZ
1425 P1 Gonzalez Benito*, Coca, Pena Ozonation of biologically pretreated molasses wastewater in continuous processes ES
1426 K1 James*, Corry, Purnell, James Physical intervention methods for reducing pathogens on raw poultry UK
1427 P1 James* Predicting the reduction in microbes on the surface of foods during heating UK
1428 K2 Swain, James*, Swain Reduction of power output of domestic microwave ovens during continuous (intermittent) use UK
1429 C4 Fialová, Petrychkovych, Uchytil* Semi empirical model of toluene transport in polyethylene membrane CZ
1430 P1 Brown, James* Tempering of frozen boneless beef blocks UK
1431 P1 Vacková*, Žďánský, Gorodinskyy, Majlingová, Oswald, Gorley, Vacek Testing of semiconductor materials suitable for radiation detectors by non-traditional methods CZ
1432 P1 Stepniak*, Lach The flocculation and sedimentation of the suspension in the ultrasonic field aided coagulation systems PL
1433 P1 Slezakova*, Pereira, Alvim-Ferraz Traffic related emissions at an urban site PT
1434 B5 Fíla*, Zikánová, Kotek, Hrabánek, Navara, Toni, Uchytil, Šolcová, Bernauer, Kočiřík A relative importance of mass transfer resistance of membrane support in composite membranes of the type silicalite-1-alpha-alumina CZ
1437 P3 Benitez*, Acero, Leal, Real Cork processing wastewaters purification by the application of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes and assessment of the membrane fouling ES
1438 P3 Hrabánek*, Zikánová, Bernauer, Kočiřík Influence of ageing and duration of crystallization on morphology of silicalite-1 crystal layers CZ
1439 G6 Nikolic*, Georgiadis, Kikkinides Modelling and optimization of multibed pressure swing adsorption flowsheets UK
1440 G8 Thonon* Natural refrigerants heat pumps FR
1441 I7 Morosuk*, Tsatsaronis New approach to the exergy analysis of absorption refrigeration machines UA
1442 P5 Li, Wang, Ye, Sha* Preparation of activated carbon from polycarbonate by chemical activation CN
1443 P3 Prokopová*, Zikánová, Bernauer, Kočiřík A mathematical model of TPAOH removal from the channel system of MFI type zeolite CZ
1444 P5 Hegyhati*, Adonyi, Holczinger, Friedler Demonstration program for S-graph based batch-process scheduling HU
1445 G7 Liebenberg, Meyer* In-tube passive heat transfer enhancement in the process industry ZA
1446 P7 Acero*, Real, Benitez, Matamoros Kinetics of reactions between chlorine or bromine and the pesticides diuron and isoproturon ES
1447 H6 Roy, Jasmin, Stuart* Technical modeling of a batch biodrying reactor for pulp and paper mill sludge CA
1448 K1 James* Thermal and non-thermal food decontamination systems UK
1449 C7 Eikani*, Golmohammad, Shokrollahzadeh, Rowshanzamir Superheated water extraction of Lavandula latifolia Medik essential oil: comparison with conventional techniques IR
1450 P7 Habibi*, Vasheghani-Farahani A generalized Monte Carlo simulation algorithm for homo- and co- polymerization systems IR
1451 I3 Bollas, Avramidis, Papadopoulou, Lappas, Voutetakis*, Seferlis Model predictive control of a fluid catalytic cracking pilot plant GR
1452 P7 Al-Zahrani* Selective oxidehydrogenation of isobutane over supported Cr2O3 catalysts: the effects of support and precursors SA
1453 D5 Marabi*, Mayor, Burbidge, Wallach, Saguy Assessing dissolution kinetics of powders by a single particle approach CH
1454 G1 Smith*, Rodriguez Fouling in heat exchanger networks UK
1455 P5 Bagatin, Palmery, Theodoropoulos*, Klemeš, Galloway, Pelosio, Dovi, Firth, Kowalska, Urbaniec AITEKIN: A new software tool for enhanced kinetics studies UK
1456 H1 Hájek* CFD simulations in thermal waste treatment technology design, optimization and troubleshooting CZ
1459 H6 Waje, Thorat* Design of cost-effective screw conveyor dryer IN
1460 G6 Atmakidis*, Burghoff, Kenig Hydrodynamics and mass transfer at single droplets: moving grid against volume of fluid DE
1461 B6 Siebalak*, Carsky Industrial chromatographic separation of mono-valent amino acids ZA
1462 I5 Gaudreault, Samson, Stuart* Survey of LCA applications in the pulp and paper industry CA
1463 P5 Kim*, Smith Decarbonising process integration for heat and power utility systems UK
1464 P3 Shahraki*, Razzaghi Robust control of a high-purity distillation column using mu-synthesis IR
1465 G8 Kim*, Klemeš Sustainable energy integration of refrigeration and heat pumps systems UK
1466 G8 Del Nogal, Kim*, Perry, Smith Synthesis of low temperature utility systems UK
1467 P7 Vercher*, Amat, Arques, Vicente, García Detoxification and increasein the biodegradability of commercial pesticides by TiO2 based solar photocatalysis ES
1468 P3 Abdullah*, Second, M Ramli Removal of heavy metal ions using fish scales: initial concentration and temperature effect MY
1469 P7 Vercher*, Amat, Arques, Santos-Juanes, Domenech Synthesis, loading control and applications of 2,4,6-triphenypyrylium as solar photocatalyst ES
1470 P5 Oufer*, Mouheb, Betaimi, Mahdi Fouling of a tubular heat exchanger by milk DZ
1471 P3 Eikani*, Golmohammad, Rowshanzamir, Kaffashi Namdar Subcritical water extraction of essential oils from coriander seeds (Coriandrum sativum Mill.) IR
1472 P1 Gužela, Peciar, Juriga* Calculation of stress impact to blade of mixer for particular material SK
1474 P1 Hanzel*, Fekete, Peciar Studying of the extrusion in the equipment with cylindrical matrix SK
1475 P3 Chorazewski, Babič*, Wichterle Measurement of vapour–liquid equilibrium at high pressures and in critical region for carbon dioxide + 1-chloropropane system CZ
1477 P7 Zahedinejad, Rowshanzamir*, Eikani Recent developments in reactor models for autothermal reforming of natural gas IR
1478 E1 Risso* Statistical properties of bubble-induced turbulence FR
1479 E1 Legendre*, Sarrot, Guiraud Effect of the contamination on the efficiency capture of solid particules by bubbles FR
1480 E2 Liger-Belair* Effervescence in Champagne wines: A state-of-the-art review FR
1481 P1 Karlík*, Kolská Comparison of Benson’s and Marrero’s/Gani’s group contribution methods for safety characteristics estimations of organic substances CZ
1484 P1 Imandi, Madabathula, Nalla, Karanam, Chaduvula* Biodiesel from pongamia – an analysis of its properties and potential IN
1485 P1 Chaduvula*, Madabathula, Nalla, Gedela, Imandi Biodiesel: a real alternative to mineral gas oils IN
1486 P1 Frank, Hann, Stažišar, Svěrák* Bulk properties of powders evaluated on Johanson Indicizer CZ
1487 H6 Alakangas, Vesterinen, Lensu, Klemeš, Smith, Bulatov* Efficient trading of biomass fuels and analysis of fuel supply chains and business models for market actors by networking UK
1488 Jensen* Chemical and biological microsystems - A revolution in discovery and development US
1490 Lewin* Possibilities into reality to create a greener energy future NL
1491 P1 Madabathula, Nalla, Imandi, Nikku, Chaduvula* Process for producing biodiesel (jatropha ester) fuel from lower and higher alcohols and investigations of its blending properties IN
1492 P1 Nalla, Madabathula, Imandi, Nikku, Chaduvula* Process optimization for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil using response surface methodology IN
1493 D5 Verdes* Role and importance of grindability tests HU
1495 P5 Shankar* Green energy anaerobic digestion IN
1496 P1 Mesa Garriga*, González Suárez, Santos Herrrero, González Cortés, Lopretty, Pardillo Benitez, Contrera Moya Preliminary design of the pretreatment area for polyols, phenol and bioethanol production plant CU
1498 P3 Bendová*, Wagner Liquid-liquid equilibrium in binary system [bmim][PF6] + 1-butanol. Experimental data and their thermodynamic description CZ
1499 P3 Atik*, Chaou Liquid-liquid equilibrium of ternary solutions of (trifluorotoluene + water + alcohol) at T = 288.2, 298.2, 308.2 K and p = 101 kPa DZ
1500 P3 Atik*, Lourdani Volumetric and optical properties of binary and ternary mixtures of diisopropyl ether, fluorobenzene, and ethanol at 298.15 K and 101 kPa DZ
1501 P1 Batzias* Biosensor optimal choice/design for monitoring the remediation of soil contaminated with explosives – a case based reasoning approach GR
1502 P5 Batzias* Data mining/storing/processing in target-oriented knowledge bases performing in the biology-chemistry-electronics intersection – the case of amperometric biosensors GR
1503 H7 Aspelund, Berstad, Gundersen* Extended pinch analysis and design utilizing pressure exergy for subambient cooling NO
1504 P5 Burian* Multi agent systems in diagnostics and exception handling of batch processes CZ
1505 P1 Yilmaz, Boncukçuoglu, Kocakerim, Yilmaz, Çakici* Boron removal from boron-containing wastewaters with DMSO TR
1506 P3 Levent, Kaya, Kocakerim*, Yigit, Küçük Desulphurization of Artvin-Yusufeli lignite with acidic hydrogen peroxide solutions TR
1507 P7 Tunç, Kocakerim*, Küçük, Aluz Dissolution of colemanite in (NH4)2SO4 solutions TR
1508 P7 Dursun, Kocakerim*, Küçük, Çakici Dissolution of probertite in disodium EDTA solutions TR
1509 P7 Yordanova*, Starbova, Hintz, Tomas Modification of sol-gel titania thin films by chemical and photo-chemical routes for photocatalytic purposes DE
1510 P1 Barlik*, Keskinler, Kocakerim, Çakici Nitrate removal from aqueous solution by anion exchanger formed from polyhipe TR
1511 P1 Boncukçuoglu*, Yilmaz, Yilmaz, Kocakerim Suspended solid removal from boron industry wastwater by coagulation TR

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